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Talk about a classic. The blues brothers became a cult movie even before the last pieces of celluloid hit the editing room floor. It had to be, from conception, from the first nun.



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Blues Brothers


Talk about a classic. The blues brothers became a cult movie even before the last pieces of celluloid hit the editing room floor. It had to be, from conception, from the first nun.
Dan Akroyed was funny once. John balushi was funny all the time. It was a match made in Memphis. It was meant to be. Jake and elwood . the sunglasses, the suits, the hats. It was perfect. It had to be, they were on a mission from god.

  Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don't fail me now."
  White guys. Especially chubby stalky white guys, don’t get a lot of chances of being cool. It just doesn’t fit. Nice, ok. Even dapper, maybe. Cool? Very hard. And then there was john balushi. The sunglasses, the suit, the hat. You can't get cooler than that. He was a groundbreaker, a fencejumper, a rebel. And that was long before America became obese beyond recognition. Today he wouldn’t even been called chubby…

The reason I am so fond of this movie is that The blues brothers is the perfect combination of two of my favorite things, humor and excellent music. divine music. and the comedy? Well, john landis is one of the best writers out there. Put his lines in the characters of balushi and aykroyd? What can I say.
  It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it."


I was eight when the blues brothers came out, and I am not sure what was the bigger impact on me, the music or the movie. I  have always loved a good old fashioned comedy and I  think that the blues brothers started that taste in films. Witty lines, absurd situations, action and romance, well, sort of, and some of the best timing and physical comedy ever done on film.

Oh, and not to mention Nazis. Illinois Nazis. I have said it before and I will say it again, you just cannot have a good comedy without some Nazis. Especially Illinois Nazis.


  are you the police?
No mam. We're musicians"

And it was indeed physical comedy. You had to move with the music. And when Balushi and Aykroyd dance? Now this  is the real deal, it is the blues brothers, it is funny but not …well, funny.  They are not making fun of the music, they are not even making fun of themselves, they are just having fun. Well, when ray Charles is playing, how can it be anything less than pure unadulterated fun?

And here comes the best part, the music. I am not big fan of musical films. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. But this was a different kind of musical films. And different kind of music. james brown for christ's sake…james brown. Cab caloway. Ray Charles, the magnificent ray Charles making everyone shake their tail feather, and of course, my favorite character in the whole film, Aretha franklin. Strong, proud woman.


Some of these songs became part of mainstream music by now, probably thanks to the movie, an amazing service to the genre. Well, it was a service to the lord in the end.

Now I am not a religious person, as you might have gathered from some of my other articles, but I will tell you this ; when it is Jake and Elwood that are preaching, I am on my knees and waving my hands in the air. Blessed be the blues brothers.

  Me and the lord… (pause, lights cigarette) We've got an understanding .We're on a mission from God."