I was trying to paint a picture today, but seems the color i was using was just a pigment of my imagination...


Kicking the crap out of all styles, from cockney pub music to 'radiohead', from u2 guitar shenanigans to Brian Adams ballads, he just doesn’t care. There is enough piss for everyone.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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Bill bailey - Musical madness

I kept on bumping into Bill Bailey, in TV sitcoms, in humor trivia shows, as part of a guitar history documentary, and I always said to myself, self, you really have to check this guy out. Unfortunately, I rarely listen to me, and I never did. Until, one magical evening I decided to do a site that collects articles about my favorite things, and when I was working on a list of comedian, Bill Bailey's name popped in my mind, so I started looking for his material.


You get somebody to explain the Trinity to you, they'll say "Well God, he's God, and Jesus is God as well, and the Holy Spirit is...[mumbles indistinctly]".

"What?" "He's the fecund spirit of the Lord who impregnates Mary, then gets a bit up himself and is reduced to light clerical duties?"

Let's examine that in joke form: three male divine natures go into a cosmic essence, giving and receiving love, but not in a gay bishop way, to which the whole of Islam goes "Wha?"; Hinduism: "Nah!"; or Buddhism: "Ssh!"


I remembered he was funny, but I didn't know he was that funny. Clever funny. Talented funny. Stupid funny. Just the way I like funny


I'm English, and as such I crave disappointment. That's why I buy Kinder Surprise.

Horrible chocolate; nasty little toy: a double-whammy of disillusionment! Sometimes I eat the toy out of sheer despair.

I call them the Eggs Of Numbing Inevitability. And when I buy them, I always ask for them in the third person: "Bill Bailey would like the Eggs Of Numbing Inevitability."


But we have a lot of funny guys, most of them with better acting skills and comic timing that bailey, (although in the mythical sitcom "black books" he is giving us the best sidekick since baldric, and even better then the immortal 'Manuel' from banccccccelona.) and his stand up shows are more bizaar then laughing out loud funny, so why such an admiration to bailey?



A horse walks into a bar, and the barman says "Why the long face?". The horse replies: "I'm deeply troubled by the anthropomorphic aspects of my existence and the extent to which I am now protected by law."

Not because he is a great comedian . Because he is a great musician. A true musician, gifted, talented, entertaining. I am always worried when I see someone trying to do a musical comic routine, and there are few examples when this actually is musical and not just a comic routine with a ukulele.

It's the augmented fourth, or diminished fifth, depending on your outlook on life."

Bill Bailey is indeed a great musician. Versatile , flexible, knowledgable. He knows exactly what he is doing, he knows his different styles and how to twist their knickers till your gut hurts with laughter, and he doesn’t take prisoners.

Kicking the crap out of all styles, from cockney pub music to 'radiohead', from u2 guitar shenanigans to Brian Adams ballads, he just doesn’t care. There is enough piss for everyone.
Here is his musical take on the self-pitying whine of modern rock that this world has been plagued with in the last decade or so...

You picked me up from school
You attended all my sporting functions
You bought me a car
Gave me use of a credit card
But how can I feel pain,
How can I feel pain,
How can I feel pain
When you're being so supportive?"
Bill Bailey is funny, he's inteligent, he's sharp as he is knowledagble and he is a stoner just like you. basicaly if you had cool friends, the real cool kind, it would be Bailey, he is like the comedy version of the guys with white teeth and white pants you see on yachts in aftershave commercials. but in a good way. in a Bill bailey way.
 My first job was selling doors, door to door. That's a tough job isn't it? Bing Bong; Hello, can I interest you in a- oh shit you've got one already haven't you? Well never mind..."

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