I was trying to paint a picture today, but seems the color i was using was just a pigment of my imagination...


So they would just wait for the cigarette to end, Jesus will put out his in the ashtray, bill on the marble wall and drop it to the floor kicking it to the sidewalk.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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Bill Hicks - Hicksville Usa

Jesus would have been proud of bill hick. He would probably bum a cigarette from him after the show and then they would both just stand there in the smoking corner outside in silence. What can they talk about? How the people don’t understand? How they ignore the truth? How the nails wait for both of them? No need. They already know all that.
So they would just wait for the cigarette to end, Jesus will put out his in the ashtray, bill on the marble wall and drop it to the floor kicking it to the sidewalk.

A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fucking cross? It's like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant."
Bill hicks was more than a prophet. That job was kept to George Carlin. Hicks WAS the word. Rude, straight in your face, undiluted truth, without discounts, without mercy, without remorse.
It was not an act. It was a truth sickness volatile and horrid, vomiting accusation and blasphemy in the name of life. Yep, that force that god works for, and the one who fired him when he was slacking on the job.
The nice thing about Hicks, is that I can quote him.
For example I would never be able to get away with saying
"All governments are lying cocksuckers." On my blog, but I am just quoting Hicks so it's ok.
Hicks didn’t only put a mirror in front of America's face. He pushed America's face into the glass and wiped it with the fat cheeks of an ignorant lazy generation.

You know I've noticed a certain anti-intellectualism going around this country ever since around 1980, coincidentally enough. last weekend and after the show I went to a waffle house and I'm sitting there and I'm eating and reading a book. I don't know anybody, I'm alone, I'm eating and I'm reading a book.

This waitress comes over to me (mocks chewing gum) 'what you readin' for?'

...wow I've never been asked that, not what am I reading, what am i reading for? Well god damnit you stumped me...I guess I read for a lot of reasons the main one is so I don't end up being a fuckin' waffle waitress. Yeah, that would be pretty high on the list.

Then this trucker in the booth next to me gets up, stands over me and says 'well, looks like we got ourselves a readah'...aahh what the fucks goin' on? It's like I walked into a klan rally in a Boy George costume or something. Am I stepping out of some intellectual closet here?
I read, there I said it. I feel better."


It wasn’t that he enjoyed being mean. Ok. Ok. He DID enjoy being mean, and I can't blame him. Sometime life is just begging to be slapped around a little bit, to wake it up for a second, and bill knew how to take these moments and weave them into the new new new testament. The one where the sane people actually stand a chance, where stupidity, ignorance and fear are NOT the leading forces, like in this game we live in now.

He talked about the misconceptions we are worshiping, he talked of right and wrong, interesting and boring, good and republican. He had convictions. He knew what he was talking about and like a crazy ass Baptist preacher was going to get rid of the demons in your brain, the fear in your heart. Exorcism stand up style.

But did they listen? Do they EVER listen? Some did. Some even took it further and continued his path, some are just watching old shows on YouTube, thanking the gods of the internet for at least giving us these moments with our lost savior, the man of the true word.


Wouldn't you like to see a positive LSD story on the news? To base your decision on information rather than scare tactics and superstition? Perhaps? Wouldn't that be interesting? Just for once?

"Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration – that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather."

Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye."