As a designer I know that design is much too important to be left in the hands of designers.


I don’t mind people voicing their opinions on social sites, as this is what social sites are for (personally I use them as a filter. You can easily detect the bigger idiots of the herd and you can avoid them from that point on)



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Web Design – Horror 2.0

I don’t like democracy. It's not that I am against the idea as an idea, it's just that most people are not exactly , well, how shall I put it, oh the hell with it…people are stupid. They are. Look around you and tell me if you can spot a smart person around, a wise person you really wait to hear what comes out of his mouth, what his contribution to the world is .

Internet 2.0 have taken democracy to a new level by enabling everybody and his sister to put their two cents in the public's domain, usually in a fascist box template which makes everybody have the same shitty site.

I don’t mind people voicing their opinions on social sites, as this is what social sites are for (personally I use them as a filter. You can easily detect the bigger idiots of the herd and you can avoid them from that point on)

But it is not the content that disturbs me. I already knew most people are stupid before the internet existed, and I have learnt to live with that knowledge . (I learnt that regular doses of medication and not leaving the house too often seems to work.) what really bothers me is that it insults me as a designer. As a creative person. As someone who spent years teaching interactive design in universities around the world.

I have to confess, internet or real world, I have a burning contempt for templates. If you are doing something new, then do something new, if you are doing the same thing, then why bother?

And when you already fell into the trap of using a template, at least don’t say you built a site. It is like warming up a TV-dinner , which is the mother of all templates, in the microwave and calling it cooking.

It wouldn’t have disturbed me so much if not for the fact that the hoards of idiots have managed to make these templates an industry standard and because of that people actually started to think there is something good in them. There is of course, I am just being harsh. There is something good in them.

Even the worst TV dinner has some good in it, if only by making you think you are full while you slowly die of malnutrition, taking one more idiot off the face of the earth.

There are two groups who are responsible for this new look and feel the internet has today, that mutation which makes me vomit a little in my mouth every time another site of that genre opens up in my browser. The public is not one of them. We are just a victim, an enabler maybe but not a conspirator.

Graphic designers and programmers. That's the culprits. Programmers are programmers, and should be kept in their cages until needed, and then given specific instructions but should not have any say about how the internet should work, look like or feel like.

They do not have the vision, they do not have the understanding of people (the last thing programmers understand is people, and I am not even talking about the obvious phobias they have if these people happen to be girls.) they are technical people who are supposed to do technical work.

If the person who manufactures the mechanical drills for your worker believes he can be the architect of the building, we have a big problem. The plumber is not supposed to do the interior design of your house. It is not their fault. They were brought to the limelight because of the whole technological boom, making them rich and famous, if only by the basic fact no one knows what they are actually doing and are in awe of the myth of the dot com bubble geniuses.

The second group, the graphic designers are more to be blamed, but maybe it is the schools that produce them that are in fault.
Most designers I have seen or know, and I know far too many designers, are not much more then children playing with crayons on the living room table,
making lovely colorful designs that are completely ineffective, don’t communicate anything valuable and are badly planned , if planned at all, and executed at exactly the level of the trendy software they happen to use today.

As a democracy, the internet will probably sway back sooner or later to hand made sites which actually have some value in them. I have stayed out of the internet market in the past couple of years just observing and collecting evidence, but I am optimistic and do believe this trend will pass, or at least be replaced by another system which would be just a little better. That would be an improvement.

Until then? All I can say is that web design these days suck. Just so you know.