Be inspired. be very inspired


Some of the artists whohave moved me, changed me, made a difference. They all had one thing in common - they were givving us a new kind of bucket, and that is an essential element for any kind of progress.

Music The Sound of Silence
60 Goete said "life without music is a mistake." for me, life without music is just boring. I dont know about mistake shmistake, but music is an impostant part of my life, and here areis why.
Literature Wonderful wit and wisdom
23 I was a bookworm my whole life, and books were always my roadmap and street signs, directing me, giving me the building blocks of who i am. This is a private literary journey through my favorites.
Poetry Contagious words and rhymes
5 One of the reasons i started writing poetry is because i dont like reading poetry. but even i have to confess there are some poets that did manage to touch me, and here you will find some of them.
Design Pretty practical progress
17 In my origins i am a designer. industrial and information design. My years studying in Italy give me a nice global percpective on the subject, and i am too glad to share some of my views on the world of design and human perception.

Serious snap and tickle

19 As an autodidact photographer,I learnt mainly by researching the work of great photographers. Here you can find some of the people who made me want to be a photographer.Some are masters, some relatively unknown, but they are all inspiring, to say the least.

Tales from the holly woods

22 Cinema is the epitom of modern story telling, and here you will find some articles about my favorite directors, actors and films. classics, modern, comedies, action... it's all here. you just bring the pop corn.
Stage Performance perplexion
4 when i started photographing dancers, singers, complex productions and shiny stage lights, i found a new marvelous playgroud of creative people and new sights and sounds
TV The idiot box
12 The world's number one passtime. I was never a big fan, but since the internet freed us from the shackles of schedules, we can have more control on what we see, and we have to admit it is not all complete and utter...
Comedy Do you laugh enough?
18 There is nothing more important in the world then laughter. ok, that was a blatent lie, but you have to admit laughter is important. As a tool, as therapy, as medicine. I was always a big fan of laughter as a healing force.here you will find faces that made you laugh, and maybe a surprise or three.
Religion For god's sake...
16 I am not an atheist. just wanted to make that clear. But on the other hand, as i am also not eight years old anymore i find this whole story of religions, well...funny.
  Politics Snakes on a plane
14 It is not a coincidence that in my color coding i have chosen brown for politics. That's all I have to say. the rest is in my articles.Here you will find some of my views about this disease called politics.
  Science Follow the nerd herd
11 One of my favorite topics. Science is now the new religion, and as such is worth a nice debunking boot in the behind. These are just some of my thoughts, as self declareda non-scientist ignoramus, on some scientificmatters.
  Culture Silly Silly society
6 Culture is what defines us as people, as nations, as parts of a bigger set of rules. These days it seems culture is considered a luxury, and i have a lot to say about that sad trend in an effort to bring back some added value to a life that seems meaningless to begin with.
  Rants Dont bother reading this!
  Sometimes, even a coward like me gets out from under the shelter of abstract ideas and talks about something relevant. Once a week seems more then enough for me...
  Guests Who said free labour
Every month we will have guests contributors. the list is made up of artists, writers, historians, educators, musicians and other people who will not see through my scheme of making them write free content for my blog in the guise of 'guests'
  Eddie Izzard  


So then God created the world, and on the first day he created light and air and fish and jam and soup and potatoes and haircuts and arguments and small things and rabbits and people with noses and jam – more jam, perhaps
More in the Comedy section
Visit Project Reason
Visit the global Project Reason for some...ahm...serious people's opinions.... Salman Rushdi....Christopher Hitchens
Richard Dawkins....Ricky Gervais (Ricky Gervais???)


Edward Hopper

By being as direct and ceremony-less as America was supposed to be, Hopper did not only document what was happening, but almost single handedly created a new form of visual narrative,. >>

Esperanza Spalding

When I listen to her bass lines, and especially when she is accompanying herself just on a double bass while singing,  you can immediately see she is Charles Mingus's lost daughter, the black sister Jaco Pastorias never knew he had.>>


Mom & Pop's

It had small dusty plastic containers, full with horrible hard candy in different colours and sizes, designed especially by the evil dentists, and bottles of sauces and strange concoctions on the upper shelves. All in all _ a wonderful chaos of merchandise.>>


What is the Bucketmoon.com site?
And in the end you are left with nothing but a bucket full of moon...

I Don't remember where i heard this line before. it was just there in my mind when i was looking for a name for this site. It might be from some old zen haiku. actually, it might be from a poem i havent written yet. Sounds like me.

We all know that this is all an illusion. Just a reflection of a moon in our bucket of arrogance and self importance.
I am not trying to fight it. I am celebrating that illusion. (being arrogant and self important helps)

I always thought that 'acquired taste' was nothing but a rouse to sell products under the pretence of 'luxury'. if it's "real" it hits you. you fall in love.All the rest? fluff.

this blog is some of the things that i fell in love with, some ofthe things that made me fall in love, some of the loves that made me fall, and quite a few rants about people who are trying to stand between me and falling in love on a daily basis.
           Enjoy! ,
           Boaz zippor
  About the Site

Bucketmoon is a reflection of my life, of the people who have touched me, influenced me, made me who I am today, and it is my way of sharing that process, that cultural evolution with you. There are enough wikipedias and dry factual articles written on each and every one of the artists, authors and musicians I chose to include in this site, but i was never too interested in facts. They usually clutter up the truth .

All the articles are written from my point of view, and my only hope is that some of the enthusiasm, and my love and respect to these people will pass on in the writings, and maybe infect you with some wonderful things. Maybe, just maybe, you will find something new, something you missed, something that you skipped. Something that opens your eyes, expands your mind, maybe send you to a book, or even just to a YouTube clip that makes you say "Ahmm."
and then I will be truly happy

About the Writer
  I was born in Israel thirty nine years ago, to an architect father and painter mother thus killing any chance of me ever becoming an investment banker. Such a shame. As I was recovering from that crippling disappointment, I found that the creative life is the only one that fits my attitude and dubious character.

My childhood was the perfect chubby freckled base for my career as my babysitters were crayons and colored pencils and my favorite place to spend the summer vacations was the municipal library. I was very young when I found out books are more interesting than most people, and nobody understood my sarcastic sense of humor until I reached my twenties anyway.
Read the full story...


Art / Painting Design Photography Literature    Cinema Comedy Music / Blues

Pablo Picasso
was never called an,,,

Fabricating fantasy

Edward Steichen
The original master

Kurt vonnegot
slaughterhouse saint

Alfred Hitchcock
Tension masters

George Carlin St.
George and the dragon

Robert johnson
The Crossroads

Salvador Dali
Moustache maostoso

Philipe stark
lucky luke warm

Annie Leibovitz
Portrait paladin

Franz kafka
madness master

Quentin Tarantino
Pulp Poet

Eddie izzard
Executive transvestite

Eric  clapton
Godlike whiteboy

Henry Matisse
The sun in his belly

Achille castiglioni
Old old skool

Sebastiao salgado
Deep documentary

Douglas adams
the wiseass wonder

Jack Nicholson
Crazy as jack

Bill Hicks
Hickvill usa

Steve ray vaghan
Live wire

Juan miro The carnival of the multiverse

same old same old

Jan saudek
The net narative

Gabriel G. maraquez
100 years of genius

Audrey Hepburn
Funny face

Bill maher
The bill of wrongs -

JJ Cale
call him the breeze

Paul gougin
The exotic

imperfect perfection

Cartier bresson
Sublime street shots

Chuck Palhaniuk
urban uber badboy

Christpher Walken
The creepy uncle

Stephen lynch
Songs of silliness

Big bill broonzy
Big big bill

Multigolden Magic

Neville brody
iconic iconoclast

Helmut newton
The twisted toddler

William shakespeare
the one, the only

Clockwork orange
The ode of joy

Jackie mason
An old jew

Johnny winters
Whiter shade of pale

Lucian freud
The human condition

David Carson
graphic guru

Richard avedon
The vision

Lewis carroll
magic mushrooms

Johnny Depp
The coolest

Steven wright
No. wait. Yes. What?

John lee hooker
The godfather

Egon schiele
The tormented

olds cool

Irving penn
The Noble one

JRR Tolkien
ringworm rambler

Blues brothers
Mission from god

Ricky Gervais
The neo-brit

Seasick steve
Redneck rythm

Norman rockwell
The american dream

Guerilla design
home brewed

Robert mapplethorpe
Poet provocateur

Ernest Hemingway
papa don’t preach

Roberto Begnini
Viva Italia

Bill bailey
Musical madness

BB King
Long live the king

Leonardo davinci
The original genius

terrible trends

David bailey
What you see is

J D Salinger
solitude sanity

Robert deniro
The sun

Sarah silverman
Jap invasion

Bonnie raittWhite queen black roots

Diego valezques
The photographer

Watch the Swatch
Modular Moda

Max Vadukol
Fashion fun fiend

Jack Kerouac
the beat bronco

Breakfast at

Russell peters
Indie humor

Dr john
doctor in the house

The soft one

Bruce Mau
Manifest for growth

Ansel adams
Solid as a rock

Arthur conan doyle elementary my dear

Big lebowski
His Dudeness

Lewis Black
Dreydle dreydle

Etta James
The unstoppable

The storm trooper

Horror 2.0

Man ray
Rays of genius

Hunter Thompson
bats! The giant bats!
Federico Fellini
Circus master

Steve martin
the idiot

Koko Taylor
Koko Puffs

Jan vermeer
The northern LIght

Stylish sophistication western conformity

Paul strand
Under the black cloth

Isaac Asimov
rules of engagement

Spinal Tap
Mock rockumentary

Woody allen
neuorosis nerd

The Allman brothers
The Brotherhood

Mark rothko
Color's soul runs deep

Visual vocabulary
basic toolbox

Eugene smith
ferocious feeling

William S. Burroughs

Zhang Yimou
Fantastic fighters

Open mic 1
standup collection

Joss stone
old at heart

Keith haring
The playful prophet

Jewelry design
portable art

David Lachapelle
Glitz and glamour

Umberto Eco
Llinguistic legend

Kungfu Hustle
Martial madness
Open mic 2
Johny carson show

Muddy waters
I'll drink that anyday

Michelle basquiat
The idiot savant

T-shirts design
shirt happens

Boaz zippor
Visual poetry

Joseph Heller
The catcher in the 22

Terry Gilliam
Steampunk stories
Greg Giraldo
Dead man talking

Howling wolf
No bucketmoon

De kooning
The abstract one

  Diane Arbus
Photo freaks

Mark Twain
Finish mythology

Fight club
The reality slap
Old jews telling jokes. Screaming jay hawkins Spellbound

Roy lichtenstein
The printmaker

  Robert Capa
Tthe original

Raymond Carver
Carving in our flesh

Black cat white cat
The gypsy go wild
  Jeff Healey
Blind boy blues

Jackson polloclk
The chaotic

  Yousuf Karsh
The expressionist
Charles Bukowski
male compendium

The empty room

  Margaret Bourke-
White - the first
Terry Pratchet
Crazy creator
The princess bride
The funny fable

The storyteller

Social surrealism
Haruki Murakami
Norwegian lizard
Emir Kusturica
Unza unza time
Alex Grey
The ethereal
PG Wodehouse
Brilliant brit
Music / Rock
Music / Jazz
Albrecht Durer
Dutch details
Alexander Calder
Mobile Magic
Allen Ginsberg
Howling Kadish
Tom Robbins - Still life & Skinny legs   Led Zeppelin
The gods of rock
Miles davis
Miles above
Damien Hirst
The son of a
Jeff Koons
Funny freak

Gibran Kalil Gibran
The prophet

Paul Auster
Depressive dealer
  Rolling stones
Honky tonk rock
Count Basie
count on him
Claude Monet
The nature painter
Henry Moore
Dorothy Parker
The Vicious Circle
Philip k dick
The Paranoid
  pink floyd
Crazy diamond
Django reindhart
Three fingered gypsy
Andy Warhol
The wig
Ai Wei-wei
Chinese charm
Federico Garcia Lorca
the spaniard
    Guns & Roses
White trash
Carla bley
and the swallow
Vincent Van-Gogh
The sick
Auguste Rodin
Tthe thinker
Boaz Zippor
      Charles Minugs
Bass basher
Frida Kahlo
Onebrow wonder
  Maya Angelou
      Jaco Pastorias
Low vibe rythm
Edward Hopper
Very voyeur
          Joe Pass
That too shall pass
Music /Word
Louie Armstrong

Religious affairs good intentions gone wrong

Democracy sucks.

Theory of relative ignorance

Art will save the world
The pendulum

Lucky louie loservile
or maybe not?

Bob Dylan
The poetic probe
Ella fitzgerald
Heaven, Must be
The problem with
- a mind game.

7 truths they don’t want you to know

Our sickness industry

Llife without music
Is a mistake

Simpsons Homer
and bartolemreo

Leonard cohen
jewish zen man
Thelonious Monk
Brilliant corners

I'll have compassion
in the next life.

7 truths you don’t want them to know

Origins of the non-believer - dawkins

Billboard Bullies

Seth mcfarlane
SillySatan Sandwich

Jethro tul
Crazy Carols
Duke Ellington H.R.H duke of swingtone

Monotheism for the masses

The world's bully.
Eh. Policeman.

Progress is good. Progress is good.

Food Foundation
Family core

Little britain
Computer says no

David bowie
i'm an alligator
Chick Corea
Keys to eternity

The new age curse
a religious buffet.

Have you spat at a politician today?

Arrogance and ellegance

What's that?
Goodness gracious me- indian idols Tom waits
Hoarse power
Pat Metheny
Chords of change

My dog is stronger than your dog

Rising :
bay leaf vs fig leaf

Quantum shmantum
the religion of science

central culture

American Dream

Johnny Cash
Man in black
Herbie Hancock
Cantaloup Island

Religious Rehab
One soul at a time

Rising : remember the museum

Formula 1

Hiding life
Boxing Beauty

Stewart / Colbert
The neo fools

Towns Van Zandt
Dead flowers
Dave Brubeck
Nine to five

Scientology inc.– the right way to do religion

Freedom, Liberty, Equality

Living languages
and dead dialects

Travel value
why we roam

Quite Interesting
Stephen Deep Fried

Janis joplin
get it while you can

Tuck & Patti
Fingerlicking good

Boys kneeling
the catholic story

Forget charity!
build together

The brain & other things we know nothing about

Did you hear?!

Fawlty Towers
Classic comedy

  Boby mcferrin
vocal virtuoso

Soldiers of the lord
the new crusades

Forget charity!
localize socializing

Seinfeld - Woody's younger brother

  Marcus miller
Slap soul

Now and zen
The empty article

The value of values

The universe
as we know it

All in the family
Brilliant bigotry

  John coltrane
Love supreme

not my position

Totalitarians, tyrants
& other close friends

The loneliness
of the long distance Astrophysicst

  Documentaries Sliced Knowledge   Michel petrucciani
Small splendor

His holiness
the dalai lamma

The human
stupidity test

Oprah Winfrey
For president!

  Charlie Parker
Bebop bird

My god complex

Faux News
the lies industry

An idiot abroad
Jerk journey jokes

  Wes Montgomery - Guitar genius
What Would Jesus
to that?
Republicans for Obama         Esperanza Spalding
Black gold
No slam

The bald guy
who talks to rocks

Weekly Rant
Music /World
Music /Classic
    the writer 03 February 2012 Butoh japanese dance of darkness Zakir hussain
Making music

The alien

11 February 2012 Dance motion and commotion Staff banda balili
Wheelchair wizards

The matematician

    Nimrod Lore
The wild one
18 February 2012 Opera
Magic Music masters
Baka and beyond
Spirits of the forest

The deaf

      25 February 2012 Theatre
the world is a stage
Frank zappa
not this world

The fluid

      04 March 2012   Paco de lucia,
fantastic flamenco

The ten

      25 March 2012   Grateful dead
Rambling rose

Carl Orff
All together now

      31 March 2012   John McLaughlin
Multicultured pick

Perlman / Heifetz
The bow of god

      15 April 2012    

Yoyo Ma
The Ambassador

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