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Big bill bronzy wrote lyrics which were less than typical to the times, and is signed on over three hundred songs, some of which became blues standards until this day, most are almost forgotten but still alive somewhere out there.



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Big Big Bill - Blues broonzy

One of the things I love about big bill bronzy, other than the obvious guitar playing and bellowing voice is the fact he COMPLETLEY reinvented his life story to fit his songs. Now, that's dedication. And it wouldn't be so funny if he didn’t go around telling everybody how he sings only his own life story blues…

I write it from experience, from things
that I have experienced and things that I
did in life and the way I think of things in life
and what has happened in my lifetime.
‘Cause you can take anything and write a blues
about it. You can take a chair,
But lets talk about something more interesting. Big bill broonzy's guitar playing skills. "Hey hey" was the first real finger picking blues song I have learnt to play. I still play it almost every time I have a guitar in my hands. I don’t play it well but I make up for it in sheer joy. It's such a great song and with lyrics even I can remember.
Big bill bronzy was a master songwriter, and hey hey is almost an internal joke for someone who wrote lyrics which were less than typical to the times, and is signed on over three hundred songs, some of which became blues standards until this day, most are almost forgotten but still alive somewhere out there.

Dreamed I was in the White House,
 sittin' in the president's chair.
I dreamed he's shaking my hand,
said "Bill, I'm glad you're here".

But that was just a dream.
What a dream I had on my mind.
And when I woke up,
not a chair could I find"


Big bill bronzy has a very light touch on the guitar, in more of a swing notation then real delta blues, it is dancing music, and it is dancing indeed, that bass giving the legs something to follow, while the light hearted chord exchanges are making your shoulders hop slightly with the beat.

It is blues, but with a twist, with a life of its own, not breaking any rules, just having a good time if he is already down here with us. And big bill bronzy , with his pimpiesque suits, fancy guitars and made up past was just the guy to arrange that party. Big bill bronzy is the place where blues and folk music meet, but as big bill btoonzy himself said :


I guess all songs is folk songs.
I never heard no horse sing 'em. "


He was adamant about recording and spreading the word of the good old folk songs, and was one of the founding fathers of the 'Old town school of folk'.

In his first class there he taught the song 'glory of love', a jumpy beautiful exemplar of broonzy's genius guitar playing and the most mellow sweet soulful singing you could ask for, a voice so clear and so accurate it sounds more like a modern jazz singer than the normal bellowing blues voice you would expect from someone like big bill.

Many a player played big bill during the years, many have tried to walk in his footsteps and found themselves lacking. One example of a guy, a white guy, who got close is the version of key to the highway Clapton plays. Probably clapton's best song.  


I actually like his guitar playing better than most of big bill's recordings of this song. Clapton makes what i consider almost a charming mistake which makes it better, in my humble opinion, than the original. He plays it not as big bill played it, but as how big bill 'would' play it, taking all the elements of big bill's guitar style and playing the song that way.

Big bill recorded more versions of the bluesy side of the song, Slower than his usual songs, less danceable, while Clapton took it back, to our delight to the folksy broonzy.
Clapton used the rules to break the rules.

With big bill's fondness to 'fibbing' I think he would have approved that. the truth is what you make of it and is just a tool to make good music better.
it's all good - as long as you got a great song in the end, and a good story.


Hey hey
See see rider -
Baby please don’t go -
Glory of love -
Key to the highway (Clapton)  -
Key to the highway (big bill)