Music is nature's language. What it is telling you is to shut up for once and listen.


Leonard Cohen is an inspiration, a light for us all. He is the elder of the tribe, the wise man, the poet Zen monk coming down from the mountain to tell us how it is, what it is and all in all who we are.



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Leonard Cohen - Jewish Zen Man

Leonard Cohen is an inspiration, a light for us all. He is the elder of the tribe, the wise man, the poet Zen monk coming down from the mountain to tell us how it is, what it is and all in all who we are.
Ring the bells that still can ring ,
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything ,
That's how the light gets in."

And that is not a metaphor. Leonard Cohen is really a Zen monk. And his story is the perfect example of the human condition, as when he came down from the monastery, after five years of studies and meditation, he found that all the earthly possessions he gathered in his youth, selling millions of records over a thirty odd year career, were stolen by his manager and accountant. Isn’t that typical? It is so symbolic of the world he tried to escape from.

But not a person like Lenny would be depressed from such an experience. He just went and recorded his best album yet and since then been performing all over the world regaining the superstar status he so rightfully deserve, but now from the height of his age and life story, with a deeper understanding of the human race.


And that is something. Something special, because even before he left to that monastery seeking that peace and quiet, he was already the deepest of them all, so now, returning with new mental strength and character, he is so deep that instead of being a singer who wrote poetry he is definitely a poet who happens to be a singer too.
Leonard Cohen was never really a singer. Well, at least not in the conventional meaning. Like the French chansoniers, bob Dylan, and other troubadours he was always talking to you. With a little tune, but it was still a conversation, reading a poem, reciting a dream. And that is what makes him great. It was not the added value some songs have, it was pure value, with an added guitar.

Even in his youth Leonard Cohen had a scent of the old country. Not a specific country, but ANY old country. A memory of something nostalgic, something that was more connected to who we are, no matter who we are. And that is quite a nice trick.

His songs were always melancholic but never sad, always with a hint of tragedy, loss or hurt , but never crying. Like the Zen monk he is there was always an acceptance of the world, the situation, himself, and always a plea for the world to understand and accept him too.

you loved me as a loser
But now you're worried
that I just might win
You know the way to stop me
But you don't have the discipline
How many nights I prayed for this:
to let my work begin
First we take Manhattan,
then we take Berlin"
Cohen has this kind of voice that penetrates your soul, cleans your heart and disinfects your mind in a pure rugged low key, a whisper, a howl, a shiver that is just looking for a spine to run up, to haunt.

When I was young, Leonard Cohen was the perfect music for stormy winter nights, and even more perfect to get a sensitive girl to be more receptive to a gentle touch. Yes, his voice did half the work for me, and I truly thank him for that.
Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh."

But now that I am a bit more mature I can really appreciate his genius, his magic. I don’t need the rain hitting my window to enjoy him, and many are the days when I listen to him to receive pure inspiration, to get strength, to remember who I am, who I could be.
Yes, and thanks, for the trouble you took from her eyes
I thought it was there for good so I never tried.

Leonard Cohen is not a Zen master. He is MY Zen master. I bow humbly and thank him for coming down from that mountain for the benefit of us mortals, forgiving us for being so unworthy of this wonderful gift he brings with him.


Halleluiah –
Famous blue raincoat-
The partisan song –
The stranger –
Dance me to the end of time -
Closing time -
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Waiting for the miracle -
First we take Manhattan -