Music is nature's language. What it is telling you is to shut up for once and listen.


The hat, the sunglasses, the suit, the guitar, the voice. The blues.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
of a decade, I am not really impressed with stories of selling your soul to the devil...

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John lee hooker - The Godfather

The hat, the sunglasses, the suit, the guitar, the voice. The blues.

I don't think about time. You're here when you're here. I think about today, staying in tune."
Now what do I write in the rest of the article? Damn. I should really be much less efficient. But with johnm lee hooker it is easy. He is so concentrated, an essence of himself, an essence of the blues.
I have heartaches, I have blues. No matter what you got, the blues is there. 'Cause that's all I know - the blues. And I can sing the blues so deep until you can have this room full of money and I can give you the blues."
When I got into blues as a teenager, john lee hooker was already on his third run around the block making a comeback with "the healer", a wonderful album of collaborations with musicians from all sides of the spectrum, and boy did it heal me. It healed me of pop music. hey, I was in my early teens, back off.

What was obvious in this album is that no matter who plays with john lee hooker, and to what direction they take the song, hooker is hooker. Nothing can move him an inch. Sitting there. With a hat weighing twenty ton made out of blues and everybody can twirl around him like darwish drumming dancers if they wish, he is john lee hooker. And this is how you play the blues.
All my life I been doin' what people tell me to do. Now, I'm telling them."

John lee hooker looks like the guy you would come to if you had a problem with a musician. He is the godfather. He can be the toughest motherfucker in town and he can be comforting and warm. Up to you.

And he plays guitar like a godfather. This is how I play. You have a problem with that? It’s the dirtiest clean sound I know, and the softest blade that goes through your flesh that I have ever seen. It raises the rhythm of your heart to keep with the beat, and it takes your breath away when it abruptly stops.

I don't play a lot of fancy guitar. I don't want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks. "

So why is john lee hooker such a great bluesman? It is not the guitar playing, as I have seen much better guitar players, even in the style he is famous for. It is not the singing, because with all due respect to its gravel-ness I have heard better singers, with bigger range and much more emotions. It is not even the hat. (although between us I do think the hat has a lot to do with it. I always liked hats. And no, baseball caps are NOT hats. )

so why is he so great?
Because he is john lee hooker, that's why.
And stop asking stupid questions.
Just listen.

Boom boom
I'm in the mood (w bonnie raitt)
Chill out ( w Santana )
One bourbon one scotch one beer
Rolling stones / Clapton
Rock me baby