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Paco de Lucia takes flamenco to new places the guitar has not seen before, that she didn’t even know existed, passing the borders of Spanish music into some eternal composition



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Paco de Lucia - Fantastic flamenco

Paco de Lucia is a guitar god. There is no other way to put it.
I love flamenco. No, sorry. I like flamenco. I love Paco lucia's flamenco. Paco de Lucia takes flamenco to new places the guitar has not seen before, that she didn’t even know existed, passing the borders of Spanish music into some eternal composition that is far above anything that you can find in a tapas bar in that sunny land.
The hands find a way to do what the heart wants to say.”
When he plays pure flamenco he is an amazing guitar player, but when he plays his Paco de Lucia flamenco it is nothing less than divine. Passionate like flamenco, smart like jazz, moving like blues, he is all over the map, all over your heart, and it just feels right. It feels Paco de Lucia.

I apologize for keeping on writing Paco de Lucia's name all over this article, but Paco de Lucia has this kind of name that adds to the experience. It is the Lucccia,  with the Spanish ccc, the tongue touching the upper teeth. Paco de Luccia. It just sounds so Spanish. So cool.

And Paco de Lucia is the coolest guy I know. With that longish hair, always sitting straight and proud, like a real Spaniard, a real flamenco guitarist. That concentrated serious look, very dramatic, never tragic, with radiant inner power, an internal force that vibrates through every plucked note, every chord.


If I was a woman I would have wanted such a man. If I was gay I would have wanted such a man. As I am relatively straight I just want to BE such a man.

It is the ultimate combination of immense power and great tenderness, a delicate touch that grows like a storm, conjuring up magic melodies and frightening rhythm, lighting and thunder all in one, and all with such vitality it feels like the guitar will soon take life and return to being the tree it once was, remembering the open hills, the blue sky, the lovers sitting under it, etching their names on its trunk with a pocket knife, for eternity.

Paco is amazing when playing alone, but like a true great musician he is at his best when he collaborates with others, whether it is a flamenco singer shouting his hurt feelings and broken heart, a female fado singer weeping her joys, a family reunion wedding party flamenco bolero or, and this is where he really shines, when collaborating with musicians from other parts of the world.

The best example is of course the Friday night in san Francisco concert with al de Meola and john McLaughlin, where the three form a guitar bridge of cultural depth and magical moments no matter what material they play.

I have included one link here, but I encourage any guitar fan to look for all available material they done together, it is always interesting, always enchanting. They are all great guitar players. But, it is easy to see, when you look at them play, that there are two guitar players, musicians, and there is Paco de Lucia.

He is THE man. Viva paco.

Solo quiero caminar
Al di meola john mclaughlin