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Pat Matheny was always considered a guitarist's guitarist. A smart one, the kind you would prepare for entrance exams to Berkley.



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Pat Matheny - Chords of Change

Pat Matheny was always considered a guitarist's guitarist.
A smart one, the kind you would prepare for entrance exams to Berkley. And that's why I found him a bit tiring at times, as if he was expecting too much from me.

But then, there were the other times. When luckily he forgot he was supposed to be sophisticated yet edgy and just played. And that was when he got the full absolution for any possible sin. He is so amazingly fluent in the language of almost-jazz music everything else is less relevant.
Whatever my recorded output is, it's a reflection of a general love of music. It is very rare to see a jazz musician that is better solo on stage then with a group and the support of others, and it is even more rare when such an attempt to survive on your own skill does not end up in an ego trip of mechanical virtuosity. Pat Matheny knew how to keep the simple beautiful, the arranged spontaneous, and the whole atmosphere relaxed like a Sunday afternoon.
I like to explore the full gamut of possibilities ...
as many possibilities as possible."
I have many smile inducing recollections of these of Sunday afternoons, with the musical landscaping of Mr. Matheny. Some musicians have this privilege, that honor, of making you think of old loves, or just lusts every time you hear them.

Now that I think about it, Matheny was indeed the soundtrack of some of my more sophisticated encounters. The urban intellectual types but with a nature girl flare. Oh blessed youth. How wonderful you are but a memory. Was quite exhausting I have to say.
There's more bad music in jazz than any other form. Maybe that's because the audience doesn't really know what's happening.”
I think pat Matheny was perfect to that period of my life as he was in constant progress and evolution, for good or for worse, but always with a kind of strength and confidence that comes from hard work and the right use of nature's gift or talent if you will, and for a guy in the mid twenties that is a good role model.

I don't know if I would qualify as mainstream. I think I have managed to function pretty successfully on the fringes of the music world and have been able to play exactly what I have wanted the way I have wanted.

It is experimental and strange, but always in a very mellow fashion, sitting on a couch with some herbal tea. (am smiling to myself again with some good old memories. )

Pat Matheny refused to be jazz, and that is something I can admire in him. He was always between genres, or at least pushing them. This can be said for many musicians, and there are very few giants who do not fall into category, but I want to emphasis this here because as a guitar player, pat Matheny saved jazz guitar for me.

I was giving up on jazz and went back to three chord blues, when I heard pat Matheny and he gave me new hope, a new direction. A way to live with jazz guitar in a more flexible modern world. I am still far from being a good guitarist, but that revelation he gave me opened places I didn’t knew existed, and for that I owe him my respect.
And for the Sunday afternoons with her too, of course.


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