Music is nature's language. What it is telling you is to shut up for once and listen.


Something in the unshaved trucker with jeans overall and a baseball cap that shouts to me ; good music IS coming.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
of a decade, I am not really impressed with stories of selling your soul to the devil...

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SeaSick Steve
- Three strings & the mississippi drum machine

He didn’t even start playing and I already knew something good is going to happen.
Something in the unshaved trucker with jeans overall and a baseball cap that shouts to me ; good music IS coming. (something tuxedos in opera houses never managed to do. Music is not supposed to be created while wearing a suit.)
I Started Out With Nothin
And I Still Got Most Of It Left"

And once he started the drum machine I was hooked. Well, drum machine… the Mississippi drum machine is a small wooden box he taps his foot on. Oh yeah. All the drums a boy needs. Especially when you have  a three strings guitar.

Now, unlike bo didly and other strange cigar box guitar builders looking for that shack and shackle authentic sound, seasick steve just has an electric guitar, an old trans-wonder with three strings removed. Much easier that way. Who asked for a redneck and didn’t get one ? the mentality is straight out of (and if you don’t know that site, it means you have lived a happy and sheltered wife. And are single.)


Even when seasick steve plays acoustic, or , god forbid when you catch him playing a guitar with all six strings on it, he still manages to keep his backwater charm, his hick holy howl and huffing puffing singing voice. His voice.

This rough rawdy rounded sound of the three string electric and the thumping drums machine gives an audio cradle, like a hammock of rhythm that sways you back and forth, something similar to what john lee hooker has going on in a different part of the guitar spectrum, it is pulling you up, instilling some life in you, shaking you a bit, making you start your own leg thumping with him, and that my friends, that contagious feeling he gives you, is what it is all about.
Enjoy ya'll.