Music is nature's language. What it is telling you is to shut up for once and listen.


He was performing Bach when he was five. What did I tell you? A real Asian. Most lazy Caucasians I know couldn't tie their shoelaces until they were eight. Go tiger mama.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
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Yoyo Ma – the ambassador

* disclaimer (for all of you retired classical music fans who are already sharpening your keyboards eager to comment even before hearing what I have to say…) not only am I not, am claiming, or have ever claimed to be an expert of classical music, I would say most amateurs I have met know more than me about the subject.

There is no argument; Yo yo Ma is the greatest living cello player. But that is not the point. Name me another cello player please. I thought so. Yo yo ma is not only a cello player, not only a versatile musician. He is an ambassador of the cello, of classical music, of good music. he is a superstar by his own merit as a person.
I love grocery shopping when I'm home.
That's what makes me feel totally normal. I love both the idea of home as in being with my family and friends, and also the idea of exploration.
I think those two are probably my great interests. "
We all know that as the west is getting softer and more stupid by the minute, it is the Asian roots that are showing a firm and sound base on which professionals, especially in high skill related fields like classical music, can build a real future on. Half American, half French, but very Chinese. That is a very good start for someone who is both serious and both open to a multicultural environment. And Yoyo ma is serious. Not like a heart attack. Like a triple bypass open heart surgery. He was performing Bach when he was five. What did I tell you? A real Asian. Most lazy Caucasians I know couldn't tie their shoelaces until they were eight. Go tiger mama.
The Silk Road is far more than a historic trading route that connected the people and traditions of Asia with Europe."
And it is because he is such a professional that he is a legend. The cello is such a part of him by now, playing other styles, other compositions. Jamming with jazz musicians and world music touring bands is just what he does. Give him a cello and shut up, that is all.
There is no culture in the world that we have not benefited from.”
You have to be serious to be silly. You have to be tight as a drum to afford to let yourself go, you have to be disciplined to always keep on learning, always keep on improving, always keep on innovating.
It took me way beyond what I knew, into places of which I was totally scared, but as I became less frightened, I welcomed new ways of thinking and approaching something. It made me an infinitely richer person, and I think a better musician."
You have to be respectful in order to get respect. You have to love in order to be loved. Yo yo ma isn’t a child prodigy who was tortured by hours of practicing an instrument double his size, with strict parents and no childhood. He had a wonderful childhood. And we hope it will never end, because anytime he plays you can see it in his eyes. In a small smile that creeps in at the right moment, an eye that becomes damp in another.
I learn something not because I have to, but because I really want to. That's the same view I have for performing. I'm performing because I really want to, not because I have to bring bread back home. "

He is doing what he loves to do, and everyone can feel it. Everyone wants to feel it. Presidents, prime ministers, singers, composers, everyone wants to play with him. Because he is a great cello player, but most of all because he is a great man, with great love for music oozing out from every pore of his soul.

With great respect to all other cultures, all other origins of creation we discover in our travels around the world.
When you learn something from people, or from a culture, you accept it as a gift, and it is your lifelong commitment to preserve it and build on it.

Thank you Yoyo.


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