Snapping at eternity and capturing life in small pixels is the fastest most efficient way to lie the truth.


now I know why the three or four photos I really love are so genial and pure. Something that you can rarely say about photography. And even more rarely today



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
of a decade, I am not really impressed with stories of selling your soul to the devil...

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Diane Arbus - Photo freaks

Arbus is one of those photographers where you clearly see there is something there, but you can never really put the finger on it, you can never find her trick. Why does it work. Why does it make you feel.

I work from awkwardness. By that I mean I don't like to arrange things. If I stand in front of something, instead of arranging it, I arrange myself."

She is one of the few artists that hearing her talk about what she does actually helped me understand her and how she thinks, how she feels, why she makes us feel this way.  And it was a pleasure. She is no eloquent in her special; in the same charming manner she is not eloquent in her photography. And this is part of her secret.

I’m very little drawn to photographing people that are known or even subjects that are known. They fascinate me when I’ve barely heard of them. "


I have to admit, that even now, I find most of her work more puzzling then interesting but at least now I know why the three or four photos I really love are so genial and pure. Something that you can rarely say about photography. And even more rarely today, when authenticity is a branding marketing tool and being edgy and 'reality based' is the new trend to follow

I never have taken a picture I've intended.
They're always better or worse."

The weird boy with the grenades is the first image that is engraved in my mind as an Arbus picture, and the even weirder twin girls soon follows.  She has a thing about the strange ones. And I think this is what attracted us, the strange ones to her work.


You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw. "

I suspect in each one of us there is this small skinny neurotic crazy faced kid holding a couple of hand grenades just asking you to give him a hug, or a slap over the head. Both will be accepted with delight, at least somebody took the time to slap him over the head.
Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They're aristocrats."

It is that clear vision diane arbus has, that peeling of the normal prejudice in front of people's real nature, that makes her photos so endearing, yet intriguing. They are vulnerable but with a sense of pride maybe only those so called "freaks" still have these days.
I like her. I don’t know why and I don’t care.