I was always told a gentleman should steer away from vile subjects such as politics. Lucky I am no gentleman.


There is an uncontrollable  violent semi-retarded racist giant with a huge appetite and a greedy mean streak in the room, and for some reason I do not really understand we have given him the sheriff star to wear.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
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The world's bully. Eh. Policeman.

The preparation for writing this article was half a pack of American cigarettes and a couple of minutes banging my forehead on the table. I feel like I am going to write an article about how important it is to have air to breath. I am going to play the famous game of "state the obvious" for the next six hundred words. A game I generally dislike, but it seems that the obvious still needs to be unveiled for a large part of the population. The veil-masters have done a very good job, you know.

Ok, I will say it. There is an uncontrollable  violent semi-retarded racist giant with a huge appetite and a greedy mean streak in the room, and for some reason I do not really understand we have given him the sheriff star to wear. It just blows my mind.

This half-bred giant is on the loose, creating havoc all over the world under the disguise of liberation and democracy, opening people's fridge, finish all their beer and stealing their food, and then when he is done he trashes the fridge and sets it on fire. But, not to worry, for he has an older brother who will now sell them a new fridge.

A much better fridge. That costs only three hundred times more, is inefficient, addictive and the parts can be bought only from the big brother big parts big paychecks warehouse. It's just off the expressway, you can't miss it.

Where I come from there is an army. A big one. Some say even a good one. Sometimes it is ordered to do things that are less then popular, that are less then right, by whoever is playing the corrupt prime minister in that specific season. But, and this is without exception, it is a DEFENSE force, also by definition, as part of its name.

I am not prejudice against giants. (Some gentle ones did great progressive rock in the seventies and "the princes bride" would not be the same movie without André the giant)

But I am prejudice against giants that walk into my neighbor's house without being invited, without asking permission, barging in, beat the crap out of him, piss on his rug, and then expect him to say thank you for saving me, and pay the bill for their new boots as his neck left a sign on the thick leather.

I guess I would mind less if this giant was not "saving" people from the things he does himself, but under another name. I have seen his house. It is dying of neglect, it has none of the virtues that giants is "saving" others in the name of, and it is a sad sad example to how much of a farce the whole thing is.

Is there any way to take the sheriff star away from this disastrous giant? Or are we going to go on being oblivious to what is happening for almost a hundred years worldwide, with global events taking shape by the violent ways of a power crazed giant? Couple of political assassinations here and there don’t matter, it is in countries you don’t even know exist, a couple of regimes overthrown along the decades is ok, it's not like the new ones were worse…what? Oh….oh well, shit happens. That's what happens when the weapons of mass distraction are out there.

I think it is time. Let's start with something small.  I don’t know. How about…
Mind your own business? Because it is all about business in the end, no war has been fought since the second world war on anything other than business. The giant has many brothers. (They have a ranch in an imaginary solitary state with a single star.)

Some might say all giants at all points in history were always all about business. Which is true. Does that mean we can let it happen again and again? Maybe it is time the village told the giant, listen buddy, sit down, shut up. You are not helping anyone, you are not doing anything productive, so just chill.

If you stop stepping on peoples head shouting slogans you heard on TV, we will like you for who you are, it is ok. Really. You don’t need to own us. Be part of us. Be part of the human race once more. Here, have a cookie. Home made.