I was always told a gentleman should steer away from vile subjects such as politics. Lucky I am no gentleman.


So what freedom do we want? Obviously we need some kind of limits to our freedom. We can always ask for the freedom to choose our own limits, but isn’t that just sending us back in the same old loop?



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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Freedom, Liberty, Equality

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The masses don’t really want freedom. They want the illusion of relative freedom, and they want a responsible grownup to yell at them when they try to put the bread knife in the electric socket. Left to our own devices, we really wouldn’t get that far as a society.
As citizens, and as human beings, we long to be free. But what does it mean? What does freedom mean? That is a question that occupied philosophers for centuries, but I want to concentrate on the civil meaning of freedom.

We want the freedom to do what? do we really want freedom to do whatever we want?
Sounds like a pretty idea, but in reality I want to be able to take what I want from who I want, use cheap lead-base colors in the toys I manufacture, send my eight year old to work in the mines and my twelve year old to work in prostitution. I want the freedom to enslave or kill people who do not agree with me, or worship my god. I want the freedom to take your children and send them on a crusade for me.

I want to be able to build my condo on the public waterfront, and I want to pay as little as I can to the workers who do it. I want to give heroin to my guests in my restaurant because I have a feeling it will make them come back. And I want your wife.

So what freedom do we want? Obviously we need some kind of limits to our freedom. We can always ask for the freedom to choose our own limits, but isn’t that just sending us back in the same old loop? In the end, what we are left with is the freedom to choose a consensus on what the limits should be. And that is not that bad, as a starting point.

And the masses don’t really want equality. Equality means being responsible for your actions and their consequences, it means to be part of the energy put into building and growing. Most people just want to live their lives, and there is nothing wrong with that.
You chose somebody else to think for you and make your life decisions because it leaves you more time to see what the new iphone can do, and that is all right.

Everyone has his or hers role in life, and the potatoes are not less important than the meat.
You can relax, for as long as there is a responsible adult in charge, everything will be ok.
And so we elect this thing called governments, which is supposed to play the role of that responsible adult. Unfortunately as we all know, that is rarely the case… in most cases these days it is an abusive junkie parent with very little sentiments or emotions even remotely close to human.

The worst part is that this clearly inadequate parent figure seems to have a real mean streak to it. A responsible adult job is to make good decisions. Which most government do. The decisions they make are very good for them. It's just the rest of us who keep on picking ourselves off the floor each time. So it is not a case of neglect per se. it is abuse. There is no other word for it.
A government job is to take care of the people of the country. That is all.

Like a good parent they should put limits on freedom when necessary, like responsible parents they have to make sure all the citizens are healthy, fed, clean and have the best opportunities for a bright future.

The freedom we thought we had was the basic right, as voting citizens, to change a government if it ends up being abusive and damaging to the people, but if we look around and see that clearly all the options are the same lady with a different dress, what kind of freedom do we really have left?

It is true that equality has been improved. Maybe not exactly as expected or desired, but there is much more equality on the street today. Other then the money elites, which are getting fatter, the low classes and the what-used-to-be-middle class are closer than they  ever were. It seems that we have managed to do a capitalistic twist on the more problematic aspect of socialism.

in the attempts to reach the ideal of socialism in the last century, governments made everybody poor so everybody will have the same, which is exactly what is happening today, with one small exception – the rich. The only difference is that the socialist generals and politicians were drinking cognac and smoking cigars behind closed doors and the rich these days do it on the magazine covers.
Liberty, equality….what is left? Oh yes, fraternity. You can still find fraternity here and there. Usually in the wrong places. The more fascist inclined kind of fraternity.

But what about real fraternity? A brotherhood and sisterhood of men, of living beings in this world? Unless you are born to tree-hugging parents most chances are that throughout the process of your adolescence and the forming of your identity, you have been poisoned by the same egocentric me-me-me new theology of decadent selfishness. It really isn’t your fault.
And being kept in a constant state of struggle, fear and hunger, on any level, rarely brings out the fraternal feelings in people. I need to feed my family. And the TV tells me there are people trying to kill me. I wake up one day to find that suddenly my house is not worth anything and I don’t have a job… not the right time to ask me to care about someone else, is it?

Especially not as they keep on telling me it's just getting worse… must keep what I have today, and might as well get a gun, just in case somebody wants to take it from me…

In conclusion, we already gave our freedom a long time ago to people we know are not responsible, equality has bitten us in the ass as we are all lowered to the lowest denominator,  and fraternity is just not capitalistic enough so stop your pinko commie whines.

Oh well.
could be worse.