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The Israel I left two decades ago was a very unpleasant place. That is the right word. People were hard, the tension was in the air, and there wasn’t a lot of optimism.



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Rising - The Bay leaf that fought the fig leaf

Sunday, 07 August 2011

Nothing less than amazing . Tomorrow I am going to buy insurance against flying pigs.
For a couple of minutes today I have seen something that I have not seen in a long long time. A society united. And of all places in Israel…I really do think the Mayan were right and the end of the world is coming in 2012 …

It is known that if a Jew gets stuck on a deserted island, he will build two temples. One that he will go to every Saturday, and the other? His foot will not step in this temple!!!

As nobody can accuse me of being racist, I will just say the Israelis are a bit…polemic.
there are a lot of opinions , sometimes it seems there are more opinions then people, most of them completely and utterly contradictory, and most people have more opinions then patience.

But… something happened. Maybe it is true that it is always darkest before the dawn.
The Israel I left two decades ago was a very unpleasant place. That is the right word. People were hard, the tension was in the air, and there wasn’t a lot of optimism. I left because I didn’t see hope there. And I saw people who were ok with it.
When I was younger I tried my symbolic effort to change. Being young and naïve, growing bananas and bell peppers in kibbutz and "cultivating the wilderness" (lucky these settlements were real settlements with real people and life, and not the provocation seekers that make noise over some dog)
I was standing there with the guitar singing "you and me will change the world" and I wasn’t alone. But somewhere along the way the spark grew dimmer…you could see the light turning off in their eyes.

Today, I witnessed something that I never thought I will get the privilege to see.
300,000 people , from different backgrounds, different slices of society, students, workers, doctors, Jews, Muslims, Christians, religious, gays, mothers…..citizens. that came to reclaim their life, and had so much light in their eyes I had to lower my gaze.

The ability of the human soul to get up and stand up again and again, no matter what, is always remarkable, but at times, there is an added value. It is not just getting up , and brushing the dust of yourself before you continue. Its jumping up.
It’s a truly heroic moment of the people.
Of a nation.
Of a future.

After a long long time I can honestly say I am proud of the Israeli people.
Unfortunately, when you Google the words Israel and protest, you get more results about protests against Israel , then about this protest, but that will change too. It was all part of the same problem.

The ironic thing is that the leader and initiator of this protest is called Daphne Leaf (the Hebrew name for bay leaf) and she was the one responsible to take the fig leaf off the government. When I see coincidences like this I can almost start considering being religious. And…passed. Ok.

I know very little about  Daphne Leaf but from what I saw, I like. It really gave me a flashback. (although it was partly because of her "styling" in the protest that was aiming in that direction, the fifties long natural hair on shoulder and working shirt look…even in moments like these do you have to keep enough cynicism to notice these things, but they don’t hurt the impact of the occasion)

a flashback to something that, if I may be as reckless as to use that word, is a little but more pure.
and in the world today? A LITTLE bit more pure is a lot.

One of the things she said touched a chord with me.
The people do not DEMAND social justice.
The people have DECIDED social justice.

I know most of you forgot it long time ago, but this young lady just reminded us something so true…
governments work for US. Not the other way around.

It's extremely disturbing . someone screaming in a microphone to a crowd of 300,000 cheering people in ecstasy  and her words are words of truth? And calls for union and love?  What on earth is going on? Night is day, day is night…

I saw today a rebirth of a nation. Mark this date.
i hereby declare this day, sixth of august the new independence day of the people of Israel.

I saw today a revival of ideals. Of brotherhood. Of mutual responsibility.

I am looking at the words as I type and I am still not sure if it wasn’t a dream.

It is going to be a long journey. And not an easy one.
But as lau-tse said, even a voyage of a thousand miles starts with one small step.
And today, it was not a step.
It was not a leap…..it was more…it's a bird, it's a plane, it's people who have woken up.
Soaring high above with a new energy of real life. Not an illusion. A true force major.

Just to remind you, the name Buddha means "the awakened one"
in my years in Thailand I have seen a lot of Buddhists.
but  I never imagined I will see 300,000 Buddhas in Tel-aviv….

And it really doesn’t matter how long the journey is, for when you walk straight with your head held up,and you know where is your destination, it is really not THAT bad.

I am impressed.
I am inspired.
World – look and learn.

Big hug to everyone over there. 
All I can tell you is : yes. Yes. YES.

Damn those allergies...