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  Unfortunately I am not old enough to really be a bitter old man shouting at pigeons in the park and complaining about "the youth", but if I start practicing now, I will probably be a professional ranter by the time I retire

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Weekly rant     4.2.2012

Welcome  dear reader, welcome to the place where all my bitterness and sarcasm drains into one long rant about all the crap that is surrounding us on a daily basis. Please be warned that this article is not for the faint of heart, and the easily insulted might want to move to another more pleasant user-friendly piece of writing.

This is the first rant I am publishing, well, at least as an official rant and not just rant bits disguised in the form of an editorial or opinion article.

Unfortunately I am not old enough to really be a bitter old man shouting at pigeons in the park and complaining about "the youth", but if I start practicing now, I will probably be a professional ranter by the time I retire and have enough time to dedicate to this form of extreme sport.

When I started this series I knew I will not have problem finding topics that deserve a good rant and venting action, but as I sit every day with the morning paper (well, the morning monitor, nobody reads the papers in, well, paper form anymore.) it is hard to choose, like a boy shocked in front the content of a candy store, not knowing where to begin.

And so, instead of choosing, I will start with a global affliction and then work down to the details. And what is more global than the basic fact you are all extremely stupid. And I say it with fondness and from the bottom of my heart. You are idiots.

How can you say such a thing you might ask. How do I dare say such a thing you might bark in my direction, well, I can say it because we live in a democracy, where anyone can voice his opinion. Isn’t that a wonderful world? Everyone is entitled to his opinion and has the right to air these opinions without fear. Could have been an amazing tool in human development, if it wasn’t for the basic fact that humans are stupid, and really should not air stupid opinions especially not with such glee and fervor.

One might ask how can I base this assumption that we are all so stupid, and one might be inclined to answer if one wasn’t so repelled by the pretentious use of the "one" form in condescending phrases. But it does sound very British, and one is always compelled to think something is intelligent if it is said in a British accent.

Which, by the way, is a great example of how prejudiced we are, from the cradle. not our fault. Our all existence is based on learnt behavior, and what we think we know creates our belief system.

But why do I think that everyone is stupid? Oh, that is very simple. I have eyes, I have ears, I meet people, I do business with people, I have social connections, I watch tv…. Wherever I look I see stupidity on the very basic level.

I see selfish people stepping on their brothers, I see weak people following conmen dressed in suits, I  see rich people raping everyone with a smile and I see rape victims, all of us, thanking them and trying our best to be good so they will throw us a towel to wipe our shame as we wait for the next elections.

I see people buried alive in a life they never wanted or wished for because of their fears and societies twisted hypocritical values, and I see masses holding with their fingernails to cultures that are hurtful and harmful.

Look around you, see how people make their decisions in life,  what people believe in, what they live for, what they die for. Look around you and you will have to agree that stupidity is everywhere, all around us, engulfing us in ads for a new skin whitener, hair straightener, diet, mortgage plans, addictive hollow reality shows,  political campaigns of thousands of blind followers, hundreds of sexually abused chatolic choir boys, circumcised twelve year old girls marrying sixty year old gits in the "friendly" countries supplying your oil, just breath in the air of any major city, feel the pollution we choose to drown in, see how we prefer cement over a green tree, how we will choose a vaccum packed pre-cooked chemically based genetically modified artificially colored microwave dinner over a fresh apple.  Stupid stupid stupid.

Now, I have to admit that this rant is less fun than I expected.  The venting is less than effective here as I have already managed to arrive to a spiritual phase where I can actually accept the fact everybody is stupid and learnt to navigate between the deep part of the pool and the floaters, leaving the stupidity that touches my life to the bare minimum.

Oh, and please don’t take this personally. I am sure that you are not more stupid than everyone else. Nothing personal you know.

A rant is not supposed to offer a solution, but as it is the first official rant, and I don’t want you to think I am a negative person, here is a solution – stop being stupid.

It's easier than you think. Takes just a second. One second, where before you do something or open your mind you stop, look around you, look inside you, and ask – why am I doing this?

is what I am going to say really what I want to say or is it a knee-jerk reaction to some experience I had in my past? Is what I am going to do really what I want to do or is it just something I was conditioned to through decades of miseducation?
Is my response logical or emotional? Do I let fear cloud my judgment? Fear of what will people say, of how they will react, of taking responsibility of my life.

I am not trying to insult anyone. Stupid is not a curse word, it is a condition.  If you have a car that steers to the right, in order to proceed you will oversteer to the left in order to go straight, and that is exactly what I am suggesting. Now that you know you are stupid, just adjust your decisions accordingly.

If it will not help with your progress at least maybe it will stop you from being so loud about it.