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  No, I think that this week I will concentrate on something much more important. A call to arms combined with a social service.

You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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Weekly rant     11.2.2012


How wonderful. It is ime again for my weekly rant. Don’t you think it is a great accomplishment that I manage to save so much money on therapy and even have the audacity call it work?

And what will be the topic of my rant this week? Will it be the shitty music we are forced to listen to by the major record companies? Will it be the sad state of the art world as culture disintegrates into commercial nothingness? Maybe something about politics? I haven’t said horribly vicious yet slightly amusing things about politicians in a while…

No, I think that this week I will concentrate on something much more important. A call to arms combined with a social service.

It all began a couple of days ago, while I was standing in my garden watering the plants and hiding from my wife. We live in the end of a one way street, so the noise of a car approaching down the road always makes me look to see who is it that infiltrates our birdsong filled quite space. And so was this case, I glimpsed toward the fence to see…well, a car. Yes, I know, but as we moved to such a quiet neighborhood we are almost surprised to see signs of civilization right here at our doorstep, so I looked.

The car in question, a nice new white something of another ( I apologize but all these metal boxes look the same to me) was trying to make a u-turn to park near my neighbours fence. In the process, as it is a narrow street,  it made a dent in our main parking gate. As I was at the time on the other side of the fence, in the yard, I actually saw the gate bending with a crackling metal screech. It is not a serious dent. But definitely enough to make you say "hey, why do you have a dent in your front gate?"

I went outside just in time to see a young very chic pretty girl ( and this is not a chauvinistic claim, just a fact stated. Besides I am sure ugly girls make the same amount of accidents…) parking her car by my neighbors gate and going inside without even acknowledging my existence.

Now, as I had the keys in my hand , my first instinct was to create some abstract art on her new car. But as I was standing there looking at my gate, at the car, and at the space where a concerned driver should be standing and apologizing to me, I decided that violence is not the key here. No matter how nice the pun.

So, in a moment of unexpected maturity I just went inside, took a piece of paper and left a note on her windshield . "Thank you for damaging my gate with your car. Have a nice day!"

I have to say I enjoyed it almost as much as keying a car, because it combines the passive aggressive art of humiliation like I am used to from my Jewish family upbringing, with my favorite American euphemism 'have a nice day' which we all know means go and try to procreate with yourself.

I was so proud of myself. How adult of me.

But, and this is a big but, this was not only for my own enjoyment and venting. It is a public service that everyone should be involved in. when you see an idiot, and you see him causing harm to our environment or society, make sure you tell him so.

You see, because these people really don’t see what they are doing. As I have always said , humans are so self centered they usually don’t see anything other than themselves, and most of life's important facts elude them. If you don’t tell an idiot he is an idiot, how do you expect him to know he is an idiot? It is a public service.

If a politician would have ten people coming to him everyday saying "excuse me sir, but you are a corrupt and sick person and your actions are criminal and show sociopathic behavior deserving of a closed ward seclusion" something might change. If a businessman who is dishonest would get a cold welcome of " you are a horrible person, and I am sick of even being in the same room with you" instead of handshakes and standing ovations,  something might change.

If you see something wrong. Say it. If you see someone doing something wrong say it.

How can you know if something is wrong? You usually feel it. Don’t worry. There is very little grey area there.

And If you really don’t know the difference between right and wrong? Don’t worry, sooner or later I will tell you.

Or key you car.
I am improving, but its not easy being an adult ALL the time.