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Weekly rant     25.3.2012

Not a feminist

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated  the international women’s day. Well, when I say we I mean people who care and when I say celebrated I mean posting three semi-funny quotes about women in facebook. You know, a symbolic celebration, what they mean when they say “it is the minimum we can do” which usually is exactly what it sounds like, the bare minimum that one needs to do in order to seem like a good person.

But for me, as in every year, this celebration comes with mixed emotions as it is a date when feminists become vocal, and what can I tell you, I just don’t like feminists. Fighting for one of the sexes seems a bit immature to me, as I am a humanist. I believe that everybody has to be treated the same way, not matter what they have between their legs (and living in Thailand for many years, you learn that even this distinction is very flexible.)

What I have against feminists is not that they fight for women’s rights and equality. Again, women are people, people have rights, period. End of story. I do acknowledge the fact that they have to fight because if I have to say the truth, most of the male sex is not that bright and does not respond well to rational arguments and ideas.  Give us foot ball , cars that make a lot of noise and beer commercials with young girls wearing nothing and we are happy. Simple creatures. Thinking? That’s not our game.

What bothers me with feminists is that they try to be men, and that is just a sad stupid thing to do. For me, a woman that tries to be a man, is like a bird that tries to be a turtle, I really don’t see the point in such a downgrade in your life.

Yes, I know, we men are responsible, thanks to our endless motivation to prove how strong and powerful we are , to some of the most amazing feats of engineering and some of the technical accomplishments of the world, but when I see a skyscraper that is 101 floors high, I always ask myself what is wrong with having two buildings of fifty floors each, or even three with thirty floors. But no, we have that need to show we have a huge erect high-rise. Oh well, simple creatures, told you.

I am the last person who would tell a woman that she has to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, (mostly because I just cook better, and they disturb me when they come into my kitchen, but that is my own personal problem) but I am always sad when I see what might be called career women who actually think that being a vp, or a head of a department in some huge soul-less company , is what they need in order to be fulfilled. Most of the men I meet in these positions are nothing to write home about, and very far from what I would consider role-models or someone to look up to.

Women who try to be men , or at least beat men in their own game are missing the point. And the point is that this game is only important to…men. Again, simple creatures, we need letters after our name, we need suits to show we are important, we need big cars to show we…well, we all know what a big shiny car is replacing, and it is something women, thank god, don’t have.

Is it not enough that women are subjected to absurd notions of beauty that are invented by men? (well, actually invented by gay men who think a woman should have the figure of a preteen boy, but that is another story for another time), is it not enough that  values like caring and having a soft and more understanding view on the world considered inferior in this modern world?

I am asking all women, don’t take part of this stupid game. Find what makes YOU fulfilled, not what society might consider a success,  if you REALLY want to be an international business woman? Go for it, and I am sure you will succeed more than men (not that it is hard…), but don’t look down on those who choose to be wives, mothers, home makers, educators, role models for the next generation. Don’t fall for that trap of trying to prove anything.

The only reason men put you down is because they are afraid, knowing you are much better than them.

And believe me, as a man, I know – we need you more then you will ever need us. And the fact most men don’t get it? What do you expect…they are men.