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Merry Hanuka
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After years of comparative theology studies I have come to the inevitable conclusion that god has a me complex.



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My God Complex - Creationism

After years of comparative theology studies I have come to the inevitable conclusion that god has a me complex.
there is no other explanation. (well there is other explanations, but if we assume I remembered taking the medicine on time, there is no other explanation.)

The comforting thing is that I am not alone.
I am just one of the very few who admits it.

God is indeed made in our image. Each one of our images. Each one of our gods. Each one of us. Most people are just afraid to say it out loud as it suddenly brings a lot of responsibility to your life, and also shatters a couple of perceived truths , that we hold so dear as they shelter us. Or just used as excuses. I guess that is more often the case.

Ok, I don’t really think that I am god.
(ok doctor? Happy now? I said it… )

When I grew my hair and beard I had a Jesus look I was proud off, and being from the same unholy land I guess I was closer to the real thing then most blond blue eyed icons so I did take the persona seriously, to  a point that one of my close friends started to worry and actually asked me, leaning forward…"you do know you are NOT Jesus, right?"… I gathered all my energy to make the most insulted face I could, I let my hair cover my face, and through the long locks, I looked up at her and with a voice so low it was almost a whisper said : "the son? REALLY? The SON?!" )

But the only reason I don’t think I am god, is that I know god doesn’t exist, and I have a very strong suspicion, based on decades of research and observation that I do.

And I saw. And I thought it was good.

Now, it is kind of silly having a complex of something you don’t believe in, but, as we are humans and we thrive on contradictions, it works.

If I believe in god, I have very little control over my life. (or responsibility , which is why most people choose religion. Someone else can take the shots, jersey shore is on.) If, on the other hand, god believes in …eh…me. Or god. Then I have full control of my life.

We are creating our own universe as we go along, do we not? all that quantum shmantum parallel universes the secret book seminars say that we do, so it MUST be true. They have a site, and YouTube clips and all.

I don’t think I am god. I know so. You can be god too.
But in your world. This one is taken.
In this one they worship me. Sorry? What? They don’t?! infidels…

One option I was playing with, while massaging my ego and considering the god complex as a charming part of my personality, was the fact we might actually all be gods, just not very good ones. We could change our world, if we knew how.

I always see humanity as a very slow witted semi-epileptic near sighted obese guy with very low hand eye coordination, driving a loaded forklift in a dark rainy night. You end up creating much more damage than any benefit, but it's not REALLY your fault, it's just the cards you were dealt.

And no, the answer to how you should change your world, does not come in the form of a perfect present airport bookstore best seller self help book.

And god has so many faces, so many names, which one is us? If I get a real god complex can I grow three more pair of hands? Can I part the red sea? Can I at least part the traffic jam? Heal the lame? Feel the blame? Deal the shame?

Which one should I choose? If I have a god complex of a Native American wolf god, will I be able to lick my balls after I finish howling on at the moon the ridgeline?
And you know what? With all those damn atheists around, it's not even FUN having a god complex anymore.

Could have been, but for some reason the local authorities really frown on smiting. And without smiting there's no point in being a god, is there?
It's like not being able to wear funny hats in the rituals. It's just not done. It's not easy being god.

Now go kill me a sheep.
Vegetarian? Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t know….
Maybe sacrifice a Samosa?
something? An organic energy berry shake?