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The logic of killing people who don’t agree with you about how cool your imaginary friend  is, always alluded me. 



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My Dog is stronger than your Dog
- Die infidel Die

The logic of killing people who don’t agree with you about how cool your imaginary friend  is, always alluded me. 
I am not above killing for a good reason.
People who talk on cell phones in restaurants for example.

People who make an innocent face as they pass you in the subway line. Sales people who call you at home. Ok, maybe not killing, but a good smack over the head with a telephone book will be nice. But killing for the honor of something that exists only in your mind? Sounds a bit…well, excessive. No?

Let's get things straight. Even if god exists, and I don’t say he doesn’t. if he exists, he doesn’t care  about his "followers". Why would he care for someone who abuses his name, and instead of 'following' decided that they interpret and adopt parts of the instruction manual while completely disregarding the rest, and while going at it, completely disregarding the message.

But let's say for a minute that god does exist, and that he does care about those who call themselves 'followers'. Lets imagine for a minute that all this is not just a stupid game inflamed by years of manipulation and fear mongering , and that god does exists, and cares for his 'followers' and actually communicates his will to them.
Killing people? For not worshiping him? Really?

I was always under the suspicion that if god does exists he is probably an a--hole.
I don’t know him personally, but I am familiar with his work. And there is definitely signs of being a jerk there. But killing? For that? And why does he want 'them' to do it? Isn’t god omnipotent? Or does he deliberately want the people to have killed someone, just because , like in any gang, now he has something "on them" so they can't get away from him.

I sometime have the urge to kill people who try to convince me to be religious. That is understandable. Has nothing with religion or god. They are just terribly annoying and thus deserve to be stoned in the city's square. But killing somebody because he DOESN’T believe in your god?
How does that disturb you, the fact that he does not believe in your god?

Ha, but here lies the answer. In this simple question I just asked lies the key to every crusade, every jihad, every stupid fundamentalist out there.

If you refuse to participate in his delusional psychotic illusion of grandeur, you are ruining his fun. The last thing a crazy person wants is someone sane standing beside him. Inside the asylum everybody is crazy, so it is ok. Nothing looks strange. It is only when confronted by the normal people on the street that the craziness looks ridiculous and plain stupid.

Either you join our asylum or we get rid of you. We don’t want you showing the world how happy you are being free of the shackles of primitive dark world view. If you exist out there, our children might think they can be happy too.

We will NEVER permit that! NEVER!

What I like about the templar knights, and as an ex freemason I know a thing or two about their history, is the fact they did not share that kind of mentality. Like good white folks, for them it was always about the money. A legion of highly trained warrior bankers who's goal was to secure money transfers to the holy land, made by the stupid rich religious ones who wanted to make the pilgrimage. Business. Nothing more. God was just a silent partner in the whole deal.

And I can live with that.
Greed is something I am used to fight.

It never changed it never will. It will always be here and always come back to haunt mankind, but at least it is almost logical and I know the tools to fight it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people have died and will die because of greed too. And I am not talking about the collateral damage of greed , the one that is eating our planet, poisoning our food and water and making us all slaves.

I am talking about people being killed because they refuse to buy in to the capitalistic materialistic greed and it's lifestyle. America has been doing it behind the scenes. And sometimes right out there but under the guise of freedom and modernity for two centuries already.

But at least there is an idea there. There is a fight about ideology.
Religion has nothing to do with ideas. It might use ideas as part of its internal logic, but they are nothing but reinforcements to the basic truth that my god is right and knows best.

And that ? that is just something that is not really worth killing for. Sorry.

Nobel peace prize winner Steve Weinberg once said:

"With or without religion,
good people can behave well and bad people can do evil;
but for good people to do evil —
that takes religion."