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Religion is a glove that fits the hand which is our mind. a very itchy inflexible glove made of steel and painted with lead based colors and is attached to a three ton block of cement, but still… a glove. That fits.



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The Problem with Belief – A Mind game

When I look around, trying to figure out what this mass hysteria called religion is all about, there is one fact that cant be denied. It fits.

Religion is a glove that fits the hand which is our mind.
a very itchy inflexible glove made of steel and painted with lead based colors and is attached to a three ton block of cement, but still… a glove. That fits.

It seems like religion or belief, which I will put for now in the same category, is something that is part of the human psychic structure. It is something which the brain reacts to on an electrical level, a biological chemical level.

Just like marijuana and the thc sensors built in the brain. But shhh…don’t tell the authorities, or they will make marijuana illegal!
The spiritual process we are going through is natural to the brain. It has it's specific areas of neurological "happenings" and sparks of belief flying between nano milimiter sized synapses.

And here it is time to do the separation between Belief and Religion. The brain needs belief. The pocket needs religion. Religion is nothing but a man made set of rules meant to control a portion of society on a social basis. Nothing more, nothing less. Belief on the other hand is much more interesting.

I know that I know things with the brain. Information based on experience or study is being stored for future use. We even know where it is stored, and we are starting to understand how the brain organizes it ( spoiler alert – not the dewie decimal system).

But belief is something different. It is truly a biological symptom. You can "convince" a person who believes something. There is no logical explanation that will make him go "hey! You are right. I was just acting stupid". The only thing that can break belief is shock.
Our brain is changing with every instant. Every person we meet, every color we see, every word we hear or say, every thought we have are changing it. New connections being built, old ones wither away. Your brain has changed a million times since you began reading this article.

And that is a good thing. Flexibility. Learning. Modifying. Adjusting.
personally I try to be a recluse most of the time to minimize the changing of my brain, or at least try to steer it in the right direction by using a controlled environment.

(and for that reason, you don’t see a lot of fancy stuff in those caves on the mountains where the sages dwell…)
Dr Persinger of some Canadian university I don’t remember, had an experiment in which by sensory deprivation and a specific electromagnetic sequence summoned "religious" feelings in unsuspecting participants.

The main three items that repeated in all the testimonies were visions, of fire and something like a cosmic eye, presence of someone in the room with them and to top it a feeling of relaxation and well being.

what can you ask for more in a spiritual experiences? I know religions that were based on less. (and most of the big ones are based on EXACTLY that )
Now…what does it all mean?
I have no idea.

maybe it means that as we know we have a 'weakness', on the biological level, not even the emotional one, to things like religion, we should be more careful with them?

We know we have this 'religion habbit' and it does not seem we want to be rehabilitated.
I can understand that. I don’t agree with it, but it is a factor of why I am against religions as a rule but  am not an atheist. I just don’t thing religions are the wise choice. That's all.
People need it. That warm coziness of being a junkie.
that familiar rubber tube tied tightly stopping the blood flow to the thinking part of the brain
I am not going to change that.

The only thing I am asking. From the rabbis, from the popes and the imams, is…For god's sake…Can't you AT LEAST supply them with clean needles?