Science is the language of nature. i can get by, ask where the train station is and such, but i have a very ignorant accent.


We know how our brain works on the same level you know how your computer works.
Sorry? You have no idea how your computer works? Then I have proved my point.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
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The Brain
and other things we know nothing about.

We know how our brain works on the same level you know how your computer works.
Sorry? You have no idea how your computer works? Then I have proved my point.

Some of you know more or less how it works. Know the concepts, the main components of that machine, but these are big chunks. The processor is dead? Put another processor. The connections to the ram are loose ? change slots. That is the level more or less. And this is how we look at the brain. This part we know (we know we think) is responsible for that action or function.
The other part is responsible for another.

And we do know how these parts work. In theory.
We even know how thought process works. In theory.

We can build a mega computer that beats anyone in chess, but can it choose between a cheese Danish and a blueberry muffin? Can it cry in a touchy-feely chick flick when no one is looking? Can it hope tomorrow some human come and beat it in chess so it will not have to feel so lonely up there at the top?

We can create the small abacus like movements in a machine.
Scientists say (and I have to believe them, because I have not seen these things myself, although as a medical sergeant in my youth I have seen a brain or two. A very disappointing sight, and not neurons flashing like in the discovery channel) that the number of the connections in our brain is bigger than all the stars in all the galaxies. And that they change, appear and disappear as we change every microsecond. New connections built, old ones wither and die.

So we don’t know how our brains work, and we don’t know how our computer works. Shall we try smaller? How does your cell phone work. Really work. How do the screen on it show you colorful images, how does the keys change the function of the main processor?

Maybe we should concentrate on simpler mechanics? Do you know how a combustion engine works? Yes. That's the thing that is in your car, and no it doesn’t work by turning a key and driving.

We have this tendency to feel completely comfortable with things we know absolutely nothing about or how they work, and the only reason we do not jump and shout 'magic! Magic! Burn her! Burn her!' every time our cell phone rings a Mozart tune, is the fact serious people assured us they know how it works and that it is ok.

I don’t mind not knowing. It's easier. Too much information in our lives as it is.

But once we get to this spoiled stage where things just work for you, and you couldn’t bother with the details you enter a very dangerous dependant stage.

These days, if someone manages to make a time machine and send you to the past, not the dark ages, but let's say just a small leap back to 1920's. 

What information do you have that will help them? That might cause a cosmic chain reaction that changes our history?

Forget computers (anyway internet porn will not be invented for at least 70 years so no rush there) can you teach them how to make a microwave oven? Maybe a regular toaster oven? Could you show them how to make the flu vaccine you get each year? (back then flue was often deadly) can you at least show them how to make a TV tube screen? Maybe just how to produce effective toothpaste? 
What information do you have from this oh glorious present?

I am not sure lady gaga trivia will have that much effect on history (although I am afraid to think how the world would turn out if it was…)

We know very little of the things we use.
Like our body and our mind.

But it's ok. It's on a need to know basis, and apparently?
You don’t need to know.