Science is the language of nature. i can get by, ask where the train station is and such, but i have a very ignorant accent.


I love listening to people talk about what we NOW know about the universe. It's like talking to my dog about springtime in Paris.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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The Universe - As we know it

I love listening to people talk about what we NOW know about the universe. It's like talking to my dog about springtime in Paris. Something they know nothing of. Sorry, I went too far, I apologize, I should have never insulted my dog in such a way, after all he is so cute. (Which is NOT something I can say about most people)

The only thing that is not limited in the human race is arrogance and unjustified pride. I share the same sin, so now I will try to be extra careful not to kick myself in the ass as I kick theirs… but then again, the fact I know my knowledge is limited, especially in such a problematic subject as 'the universe' already gives me a head start and is the base of what I am going to say next.

I am not going to talk about 'the universe', but just about people's perception of the universe and their opinions of it.(and If quantum mambo jumbo has taught me one thing is that the act of observation changes the observed subject. At least this is what they say, and they do have the big titles and the white coats.)

In order to give my unwarranted judgment of our view of the universe, I don’t need to look at the universe at all. I just need to look at us. If one is wrong about most things he "knows" or declares as facts, I can easily assume he would not be too right about the rest.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? (And for all of you who jump and say I should look at the good things every theory has and not the defects I would suggest to go stand in front of a mirror, smile, and then slap themselves in the face as hard as they can. It is always the people who have the best reasons to fear judgment that try to convince you not to be judgmental.)

We have theories. Lots of theories. We say a theory is true when it has a strong enough internal logic, that stands the test of the other theories we had so far.

A cat is made out of the hardest material in existence as I cannot cut it with a butter-knife. I know this is true because so far I tried to cut it with a q-tip and it didn’t work for obvious reasons, but now with even the prettiest butter-knife it doesn’t work! Amazing. You might think I am just being silly, which I am , but that is basically how we work.

We can't see the universe, and even the best theorist who appreciate the fact our ways of measuring the universe is like a goldfish in a glass bowl trying to measure the country that contains the house his room is in. we don’t have the tools, we don’t have the right measure units and we don’t have the mental capacity to understand what the partial results we DO get actually mean.

In their defense I have to say that real scientists , mainly from the physics and math departments agree with this assumption and try all the time to find what is our limits before they shout and call a press conference. The problem with real scientists is that they are serious people who work hard and rarely leave their labs and offices, so we have very little contact with them. What we do get is the ones who get to the TV documentaries and the newspapers.

The second problem is that those scientist are trying to push the universe into the set of rules that we have, that we know, that we are comfortable with, and then when they want to be innovative and think outside of the box they invent new theories that are completely new, completely innovative and generally have to fit into the old rusty set of rules we had…it is like a catch 22. You can't think outside of the box while you are in the box, but once you get outside of the box and stop bowing to the box you are not serious.

If there is one thing I appreciate about ancient times and their system of beliefs is not that they knew something we don't but just the fact they knew that the madmen were holy, that they were the real key to being one with the universe as they don’t have any rules at all.

One last thing, just to give you the final kick in the butt so you can pass it on when talking to "scientists" who have the answer. The fact a couple of thousands people who have a lot of letters after their name and look respectable tell you that "you just don’t understand" and that they do, and that they are not mad because there are a thousand more that think like them, does not make them right. It makes you an idiot for letting them convince you that they are right. That is all.

The good news? The universe loves idiots. Look how they flourish in the perfect example of "natural choice". So maybe by letting the "scientists" convince you that you are an idiot they are actually doing you a favor.