Working for the last 17 years as a designer and art-director for multi-national firms, the experience gained and the vast fields of expertise acquired, as an individual and as part of larger teams, enable me to work in cutting-edge technologies and methods to obtain maximum result for my clients, through well thought design structures and esthetics, and up to date trend setting approach to the projects.

“easy to endorse a colleague who is respected in his community: a man who works diligently with far reaching goals toward the excellence of art. His achievements are many, and is an inspiration to those working with him and a man to watch and emulate. His fresh, creative approach makes him a valuable asset for those requiring ideas and services.”
“I knew Boaz as an art photographer, and asked him to shoot some edgy photos of my products....The photos were SO good, that I had more than triple the traffic of other stands.... People in trade fairs often just don't see you. But they sure could not ignore Boaz's photography”

“I Worked with Boaz on fine art edits on his photography and it is first class,
the man has a very big talent and is a professional through and through.would recommend his work to any one.”

Kai Kingsley III,
Artist/ Curator, Artjacky
Ami Zarchi -
CEO Tel-Dan
Jeremy Beswick,
Director studio600
“Boaz is a rare and wonderful combination of raw genius, artistic talent and commercial chutzpah and consistently delivers. He is an outstanding photographer, creative director, and process consultant. everyone needs an edge. Mine is the incisive mind and rapier wit of Boaz.”
“Boaz delivers creative work on-time and within the allocated budget. He is reliable and puts in the long hours necessary to get the job done. He often goes beyond the job spec to provide additional ideas & approaches.”
“Boaz is a unique artist who has the sublime skill to blend creativity, beauty and professionalism into a visual masterpiece. I highly recommend him to anybody who only wants the best!”
Paul Reagan ,
Producer, Boo Films
Lorraine Little-Bigelow,
VP Marketing California fitness HK
Frank Van-Baal,
CEO Zi-Argus

  Direct clients:
- Rent-a-Candle
- Law Magazine
- Siam Philharmonic
- Bangkok Opera
- Radee wines
Rotary International
- Midas PR
- Q- Naturals
- Patravadi Theatre
- Ace Trains
- Camillian Home
- Diethelm Travel
- Travel & Leisure Mag
- Photoart Asia Mag
- Microchips Intl
- Teddy Foundation
- Baan Klong-mon
- InHouse Creative
- Shrimp Productions
- Glenasia
- PeopleServe
- Mailbit Asia-Pacific
Tigemonkey productions
- Safecoms
- Darstaed Vintage Trains
- California Fitness
- Questex Publishing
- Connexion
- Playpress editors
- I.C.Com
- Quantum Telecom
- Interglobe Com. Corp.
- Connexion plaza
- Studio De - Ponte
- R.H. global image
- MisterKit models
- Takahide Sano studio
- Micro & Master
- Tal Benzvi – Curator

- Indirect ( /
- Microsoft
- Compaq
- Nestle
- Buitoni

- Omnitel / Vodafon
- Campari
- Mulino bianco
- Mondohedge
- Kadey
- Babybell