Interactive CDRom & Online gaming content
Starting with 3d CDRom presentations as a student of Industrial design, the whole media of interactive content captivated my imagination,
urging me to develop new applications, experimental internet sites and presentations techniques and modes.
During my work with architects, designers, inventors and business companies, I have worked on various styles and needs in the interactive world,
from 3d virtual navigation able environments to technical manufacturing animations.

Adventure Publishing Ltd
Interactive game for children.
Israel Ministry of the Enviorment.

Tel-aviv, Israel

Indirect (PlannerPromotions.IT)
- Compaq
- Microsoft
- Sector
- Oracle
- RAS - assicurazioni
- Mondadroi editorial
- Croce bianco
- Spizzico Pizza
- Blixer
- Radio deejey
- Rondanini

 Indirect (MRWWW.IT)
- Campari
- Suzi-wan
- Mulino bianco
- Santa rosa
- Mondohedge
- Babybell

Direct clients:
- Tadiran appliances Ltd.
- I.E.D Milano
- Fred E. Cohen
- Adventure publishing
- Israel enviorment ministry
- Agrosafe

Bezeq intl. EXTREME
Israel's phone company.
Broadband services promotional games.

3 Flash online "3D" games.

Done with collaboration of:
Adventure Publishing Ltd

Tel-aviv, Israel

Tadiran appliances Ltd.
Israel's biggest electric appliances
Interactive 3D navigation sales CDRom.

Tel-aviv, Israel

I.E.D Milano
3D CDRom for ARGO project.
Done with collaboration with C.R.I.F Torino

Milano, Italy

Fred E. Cohen
Internationally acclaimed inventor.
3d CDRom presentation.

Tel-aviv, Israel
Flash presentation for internet
promotion company.

Milano, Italy

Agrosafe Ltd.
International Software solutions
for agricultural product warehouses.
Flash presentation

Maagan-Micahel, Israel

Zippor Architects Ltd.

Tel-aviv based international architect firm.

Flash Interactive presentations:
1. pres# 1 : general company profile
2. pres# 2 : universities and schools
3. pres# 3 :
public buildings & spaces

Tel-aviv, Israel

Omnitel - Vodafone
Series of interactive games and educational
interactive programs.
Done with collaboration of

Milano, Italy - games
Milano based internet promotion firm.
Dozens of interactive flash games for
various clients.

Milano, Italy - adventure comics
Milano based internet promotion firm.
A series of 8 chapters interactive adventure
game for Buitoni co.

Milano, Italy - games
Milano based internet promotion firm, specializing in online games and wins,
featuring promotional gaming portal.
Dozens of games developed and designed.

Milano, Italy


CAMPARI .it - Online advertising
Series of product interactive advertisments for CAMPARI Ltd.

Milano, Italy