WEB DESIGN - Internet content & structure developement
From my first commercial site built in 1997, the whole process of web development is my specialty and passion,
exposing myself to new technologies, to new design trends and innovative marketing methods based on recent consumer
r esearches and international standard design & structures. Over the last 8 years, I have built more than 30 commercial sites for multinational
Corporates, played a leading role in large scale projects in three continents and have held art-director and founder positions in two of my own
web design agencies in Milan, Italy, and Tel-Aviv, Israel

 I Direct clients:

- Rent a Candle
- Butoh Festival
- Georgia Teh DJ
Q- Naturals
- Intl Butoh Festival
Rotary Bangkok south
- Darstaed
- Khong Kao
- Marti p Collins
- Boka Gallery
- Midas PR
- Radee Wines

- TigerMonkey Films
- California wow
- Shie rozow

- Onaro.com
- PolimerLogistics.com
- Connexion world.nl
- Tsur.com
- Jump-ad.co.il
- Playpress editors
- I.C.Com
- Quantum Telecom
- Interglobe Com. Corp.
- Connexion plaza
- MisterKit models
- Takahide Sano studio
- Micro & Master
- Bossano online
- Tal Benzvi – Curator
- Zippor architects
- Something.org.il
- E-muse

ndirect (MRWWW.IT)
- Avis.it
- Campari
- Suzi-wan
- Mulino bianco
- Santa rosa
- Mondohedge
- Babybell


Boaz Zippor Poetry
Promotional site - Books




Georgia Teh -

Promotional site - dj

Lighting & Event organizers



Exhibition and international butoh
festival site

All Natural Drinking Chocolate
(e commerce)

The Rotary Club of Bangkok South

Tin-Plate collector trains
Bangkok, Thailand

Antiques, carpets & artifacts
Bangkok, Thailand

Artist & Photographer
Bangkok, Thailand

BOKA Gallery
Fine-art photography gallery

Bangkok, Thailand

PR Company
Bangkok, Thailand

Thai fruit wine for the US market .
Bangkok, Thailand
/ San-francisco, US

Photographer studio
Bangkok, Thailand

Film Production company.
Bangkok, Thailand

california wow xperience plc.
International fitness chain.
Bangkok, Thailand

Shie Rozow-
Internationaly acclaimed Composer and editor,
Specializing in film and Tv scores.
Internet site & Online portfolio

Tsur reshef -
Award winning international designer
based in Amsterdam, Holland
Internet site & Online portfolio

Ngo in israel, used as an umbrela
for more than 300 Ngo in the food
distribution sector.

Pro-bono work

Boston computer storage solution
company (largest client- NASA)

Israel based manufacturers
and developersof plastic
containers for international markets
(150 sales points worldwide)

Surgical steel rings and accessories
(international online order center)

Takahide sano
Milano based japanese internationaly
acclaimed industrial designer.
Internet site & Online portfolio

International chinese food company.
Entertainment & educational portal
developed in collaboration with
MRWWW.IT promotion agency, Milano.

Stefan weiss

Milano based german photographer.
sketches and animation - site & Online portfolio
(never realised)


Milano airplane model store

Game republic - info
Entertainment & educational portal
for computer magazine editorial house.
Gamerepublic, Rome.
(never realised)

Republic4U - gaming
Entertainment & educational portal
for computer magazine editorial house.
Gamerepublic, Rome.

Avis promotional
Avis car-rental Italy.
Promotional site done in collaboration
with MRWWW.IT promotion agency,
Milano, Italy.

Bassano online
Tourist Informationt & educational
portal for Bassano community center.

(never realised)

Micro & Master
Computer store & services.
Informative Internet site.

Entertainment & educational portal
for InternationalItalian food company
developed in collaboration with
MRWWW.IT promotion agency, Milano.

Cellular content & gaming company
Corporate identity site & online sample.

Connexion world
Holland based telecommunication
company specializing
in international calls.

Connexion Plaza / E-Plazza
Online telecommunication services
and appliance store.
for Holland based telecom company specializing in international calls.

Nightlife portal developed for CAMPARI ITALY.
Work done in collaboration with
MRWWW.IT promotion agency, Milano.

Grancereale - Mulino Bianco
Entertainment & educational porta
for International pastery company
developed in collaboration with
MRWWW.IT promotion agency, Milano.

Webmedia en-visage
Internet design & content company

Palestin(a) art
Online gallery - Exhibition
curated by Mrs. Tal Ben-zvi

Economist portal for hedge funds
in italy and around the world.
Work done in collaboration with
MRWWW.IT promotion agency, Milano

BODO Studio
Sketches & animation for design studio
internet site.
Bangkok, Thailand.
(never realised)

Zippor Architects Ltd
Internet site& online portfolio
for Tel-Aviv based international
Architects studio

Experimental interactive content site.
Milano, Italy.

Quantum Telecom Ltd.
International european telecom company.

Milano, Italy.

Head Online
Online exhibition space.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Koto-Foird Ltd.
Industrial design and furniture

Tel-Aviv, Israel/ NY, Usa.

My World Productions
Interactive design studio
Milano, Italy.

Online printing services and products

Milano, Italy.

Interglobe Comunication Co. Ltd
Telecom company corporate site.

Milano, Italy / Den-Haaf, Holland.

Something II
Experimental interactive content site.
Second edition.
Milano, Italy.

Planner Internet Promotion Ltd.
Internet promotion agency.

corporate identity site.
Milano, Italy.

Flash site for NetGamer magazine.
Sketches & animation.

work done for computer magazine
editorial house. Gamerepublic, Rome.

(never realised)

Online serive site for mobile phone
service company.
Sketches & animation.

Milano, Italy / Frankfurt, Germany.

(never realised)

ETRO Fashion
Corporate identity site for ETRO,
Milano based international fashion house.
Sketches & animation.

(never realised)