Boaz Zippor/ Didier Mpondo/ Clark Berger
Curt Ayers III/ Ehud Yerushalmi

A small exploratory journey into the musical landscape of the Spanish guitar and the soul of Flamenco, or at least Flamenco inspired art forms. Although the album was born as an exercise in Flamenco, as soon as the work started it mutated into an fluid eclectic array of similar yet
very different musical styles woven together to form a spanishesque tapestry of melodies. This is not a Flamenco Album but it is indeed a Flame Echo one - it sounds a little like flamenco...
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Boaz Zippor/ Didier Mpondo/ Curt Ayers III

The second installment in the Flame Echo guitar project takes our journey from the deserts of north Africa to the cool highland lochs. As the Flame echo project evolved it took some unexpected stops and turns in the musical journey and the result is a collection of musical pieces which attempt to keep a certain feeling but in a variety of different musical forms and dialects. Arabic melodies lead to celtic knight moves, uneven time frames melt into hints of forgotten cultures and exotic places, a musical voyage looking for that magic of the less trodden path.
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Boaz Zippor/ Shiran
The combination of a metal hang drum being played in a real spiritual way and the classical spanish guitar is a unity of elements, metal and wood, fire and earth. This project was built on a common semi meditational work
of the musicians and the songs it gave birth to are truly a different kind of musical experience, keeping the etheral while still being well grounded in our modern experience.
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Boaz Zippor / Frank ob Rom
The charm of Thai music is something every traveler passing through
the kingdom gets familiar with, the tingeling rhytmic ambient created by the phin is the heartbeat of the inner land siamese culture, relaxed yet somehow energetic, mellow but also wild, repetetive but always changing. in this album we tried to nold together the spirit of the phin with the spanish guitar in order to create a new soundscape of enchanting stories of song.


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A personal reflection into some of the less obvious musical possiblities of the spanish guitar, bringing together different styles and moods without prejudics or even prior planning. This collection is made of genre defying lost and found pieces, songs that never found a decent album as a home, melodies that were too abnormal, too asimetric, too... interesting. This is some of my personal touches, my little musical doodles evolving into indipendant creations.
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