Science is the language of nature. i can get by, ask where the train station is and such, but i have a very ignorant accent.


I knew I was old when I started looking at 'progress' as something that might, just might, contain some things which are less then beneficial to the human race in particular, and to me on a personal basis.



You cant sell news stories that have data and cautious predictions. Where is the panic? Where is the impending doom? C'mon people , give me something to work with here…

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..and as I was a yuppy marketing and advertising executive for the better part
of a decade, I am not really impressed with stories of selling your soul to the devil...

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Sharks die if they stop swimming forward. Ok, maybe that is a myth. I don’t really know anything about sharks, other than the fact I prefer to stay away from them if I can.

But it is a nice metaphor, usually given by business men, the Gecko type. And usually comes when talking about progress and new ideas, new things, new systems.

Now, I try to stay in my studio as much as possible so I don’t have that much interaction with people and I don’t really like crowded places, but when I DO leave the house it seems there are a lot of people out there, but I run into very little sharks if any, which leads me to believe that maybe that metaphor is a bit of a stretch for this world.

I knew I was old when I started looking at 'progress' as something that might, just might, contain some things which are less then beneficial to the human race in particular, and to me on a personal basis.

Not everything that is new is good. Not everything that is new should replace what is old. I was always a firm believer of  'if it is not broken, don’t fix it.'

How did we EVER live without ipads? Iphones? Twitter? Are you crazy grandpa? Without facebook we will be eating rocks and wearing rat skins. How did we ever live without semi nude preteen pop idols on big screen plasma Tvs? Get with the program, old man.

Remember the time when we were sick and died? Wasn’t that horrible? How did we ever survive as a species without our elders drooling without any conscious thought in their minds for half a decade in the factories of the 'health' industry?

How did we ever survive without plastic based dinners ready in 30 seconds by a quasi nuclear reactor in our kitchen? Cooking? Are you crazy? Cutting these dirty green things, what do you call them…vegetables ? spending a full morning in the kitchen preparing family meals to unite the core of our micro society? Really? In the kitchen? What am I?  a slave?

How did we ever had a social life without Sms and emails and instant messaging ? what is that you say old timer? Envelopes? Visits? Are you out of your mind? Next you will want me to have decent penmanship and actually know how to spell…. You old folks are all the same.

Remember the time there was an occasional bug in our produce (no, a bug is not a computer term, it Is a small life form that is really here. Right, like in the animated films, but they talk less in real life). Remember when there might have been an occasional worm in our apple? Isn’t it great that all the chemicals we drown our farms with killed all of them.

We can rest peacefully on our chemotherapy hospital bed knowing we share nothing with no one, not even bugs. These are OUR fruits, and we keep them parasite free. Nurse, I think the drip is finished, can you bring me the vomit bucket please?

Remember the time when women were feminine and men were masculine? Yes, equality is great and very well deserved and it is ok that children grow up without any values or parental guidance because the mother "fulfills" herself as senior marketing executive in a big corporation.

Remember when a shower, a shave and some deodorant was all a man would need when he went out of the house? How primitive we were, with all this unlasered chest hair and , oh my god, I can hardly think about it, uneven eyebrows?
I love progress.

It does have a lot of good things. It really does. I enjoy around two thirds of what it brings. Yeah, I know, I am picky and never happy with anything.

I do love progress. Not a joke. But you know what I don’t love? Swallowing frogs. Sorry, I am vegetarian and not even close to being French. And you know what I REALLY don’t love? Swallowing frogs in the name of progress.

Evolution is simple. If we don’t know how to separate the good from the bad, we don’t deserve progress. And we don’t. we have abused it,. We have become slaves to it, we have lost all sight of what is important in the name of it.

Progress is a tool. It is here to help us, it is here to give us the edge, lift us to higher grounds.

But if we are stupid enough to eat the wrapper with the candy?
We are progressing to hell, and in fast large steps.