BLACK BEAUTY - monocrome melodies
PORTRAITS - faces fascination
EXPRESSIONS - Speciality syndron
COLORS - Chromatic collection
NUDES - Flesh fantasy
STAGECRAFT - Performance peeps
BUTOH - Ray of darkenss
REFLECTIONS - mirror mirror
LOTUS - The peacefull
OLD SIAM - Past perfect
WATCHING PAINT DRY - mixed media
THAI STREET FOOD - tasty tradition
FACES OF ISRAEL - street stories

Ray of darkness
(over 30 Pieces)

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Limited series)

CONCEPT - i have been following butoh dane for half a decade, and as one of the sponsors of the Bangkok International butoh festival for the last years i have managed to collect an impressive amount of photos from this japanese mysterious dance butoh world. EXHIBITION - this will be the fourth exhibition i have done about Butoh dance, and will act as an anthology of three years of hardcore documenting, both on stage and behind the scenes.
ADVANTAGE - my involvment in the festival has enabled me to bring the best dancers and choreographers to my studio for private shoots, and i was privilaged to document these talents on stage too. WORKS - close to 200 retouched work, edited and ready to print by category, dance, country or thematic vocabulary.