BLACK BEAUTY - monocrome melodies
PORTRAITS - faces fascination
EXPRESSIONS - Speciality syndron
COLORS - Chromatic collection
NUDES - Flesh fantasy
STAGECRAFT - Performance peeps
BUTOH - Ray of darkenss
REFLECTIONS - mirror mirror
LOTUS - The peacefull
OLD SIAM - Past perfect
WATCHING PAINT DRY - mixed media
THAI STREET FOOD - tasty tradition
FACES OF ISRAEL - street stories

Speciality syndrom
(over 20 Pieces)

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Limited series)

CONCEPT - since the first time i put somebody in front of my camera i knew that there is a physical way to show the inner emotions using the body and the suroundings. these are my experiments in this field . The difference between these and the normal photos i take is that hunt for the most primal feeling that we can summon out of ourselves. in color. EXHIBITION - this is a collection from my first photography book, and has been exhibited in several exhibitions, including in shanghai and california.
ADVANTAGE - as i have started photography in a late age after a career in design and graphic arts, i bring a cultural background that evokes the inspiration from 17th century dutch painters more than digital photos. WORKS - hundreds of pieces from a shoot span of 2007-2012 with visible development and conceptural periods.