BLACK BEAUTY - monocrome melodies
PORTRAITS - faces fascination
EXPRESSIONS - Speciality syndron
COLORS - Chromatic collection
NUDES - Flesh fantasy
STAGECRAFT - Performance peeps
BUTOH - Ray of darkenss
REFLECTIONS - mirror mirror
LOTUS - The peacefull
OLD SIAM - Past perfect
WATCHING PAINT DRY - mixed media
THAI STREET FOOD - tasty tradition
FACES OF ISRAEL - street stories

Mirror mirror
(over 30 Pieces)

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Limited series)

CONCEPT - Reflections is the kind of project i do when i am bored with traditional work, taking on some zen modalism and duality of our perception and putting them to the test visually EXHIBITION - these works are part of a bigger solo exhibition in Boka gallery in 2010, where i have shown three series of these kind of creations.
ADVANTAGE - equally established in the graphics and the photography world and having taught photo editing software like photoshop for over a decade gives me a vast experience in manipulating images in a professional yet artistic way without losing their original value. WORKS - over 30 retouched and heavily manipulated images, collected out of hundreds of shoots over a period of five years. some of the prints are large scale with the biggest being 240cm wide.