BLACK BEAUTY - monocrome melodies
PORTRAITS - faces fascination
EXPRESSIONS - Speciality syndron
COLORS - Chromatic collection
NUDES - Flesh fantasy
STAGECRAFT - Performance peeps
BUTOH - Ray of darkenss
REFLECTIONS - mirror mirror
LOTUS - The peacefull
OLD SIAM - Past perfect
WATCHING PAINT DRY - mixed media
THAI STREET FOOD - tasty tradition
FACES OF ISRAEL - street stories

January 2009
(over 30 Pieces)

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Limited series)

CONCEPT - Every time i came back to Israel i took the backstreets and the market ways to try and understand the life of the common people who life in this religion and war infested country. this is the work of three visits to my hometown of tel-aviv and jerusalem. EXHIBITION - through the process of collecting these faces, the stories that the people carry with them, i have seen that on both sides, jews, arabs, religious, secular, there was one visible thing - exhaustion.
ADVANTAGE - The knowledge of the region and the places where israel shows us an example of the people who populate it will always give me an adventage when documenting this understood country. WORKS - Over 40 retouched and edited photos, ready for hi-res print. (24 already presented in the original exhibition in Bangkok, Januraty 2009)