BLACK BEAUTY - monocrome melodies
PORTRAITS - faces fascination
EXPRESSIONS - Speciality syndron
COLORS - Chromatic collection
NUDES - Flesh fantasy
STAGECRAFT - Performance peeps
BUTOH - Ray of darkenss
REFLECTIONS - mirror mirror
LOTUS - The peacefull
OLD SIAM - Past perfect
WATCHING PAINT DRY - mixed media
THAI STREET FOOD - tasty tradition
FACES OF ISRAEL - street stories

Mixed media

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Limited series)

CONCEPT -an experimentation of mixe media in reverse engeeniring, where the prints are being painted and the results shot again, bringing to life a complete new dimension of the image. EXHIBITION - these works were never exhibited. the original painted prints were sold in a charity auction.
ADVANTAGE -my first exhibition was eleven years before i became a photographer, and my understanding of painting materials, techniques and forms of expression makes this an interesting exercise. WORKS - 12 edited and retouched hi-resimages.